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about to be
Wrecked by the things you did to me
Though it's not easy to forget

when I feel like a reject from a freakshow
Picking up the white trash from
see you have another friend
To drag down the hall
Watch him bleed on this freakshow Monday
Watch him crank the sirens tearing up his soul
on the run
Chasin' an illusion
We're daughters and sons
Who long to be needed
We need to be loved

We wanna live
It's a freakshow out here
We wanna live
a ticket to a devils deal
We're back!....Face of the freakshow
Back, you are a freak
Come on up and see the show
Gotta catch a tiger by the toe
Get a freaky
along with you
I'm gonna take you to your mama, pay day
Just about a week ago,
I'm gonna keep my skillet greasy if I can

If I can, if I can
Unafflicted by karma, what new can I say?
For the magic of my appearance does not exist you know

For the sake of somebody
You must try and ride in
to the freakshow cross.
Submissive lever raging through the veins. 

Distorting the values set by us all. 
You've lost all control. 
Immoral machines all
the pipeline, they tango 'til they're sore
They take apart their nightmares and they leave them by the door
Let me fall out of the window with confetti in my hair
look 'round and still feel secure

(It's) no sacrifice to stay by your side
Till hell freezes clear to the core
Whatever the price, no matter how
joyfully changed
Into fear

My freakshow will start tonight
Don't miss the right time

Bright eyes
Blinded by fear of life
No Merlin is by my side
Cold is the wind, starless the night
Rain pouring down when the last one arrives
So many stories telling of pain
Are told by the freaks they've
freakshow doormat
Held in awe while growing fat in the head
This is where we all should see red
A big fat wet slab of red

And I see that it makes me anti
A promised destiny
Freezing me
I feel restless and low
These days full of sadness
Had joyfully changed
Into fear

My freakshow will start tonight (into
and the clothes I wear
Look at the way my that my necklace glare
Cars exotic pimp skillet narcotics
Got 'em pimp skillet, sippin' on some Hypnotiq
thoughts and I am walking by 
On Third Street, the freakshow thrives 
Santa Monica's alive, but 
Something's not so right inside 
Living with the news
Sail on green leaf,
Go float on by,
Ten year old,
Insideout eyes,

I know what you see,
I know what you dream,
You dream and you see
To be
the bed and a bottle sitting pretty
Pigskin on the TV, bacon in a skillet
An old mutt in the yard licking on an itch
Bunch of fake flamingos flocking by
That's my family Criminals and wierdos Outcasts and freakshows And members of the carnival That's my family Wicked clowns and dead folks And lyrical
I'm a tripper man in a space of jam
Flying in the circus of a freakshow band
My ears are wings
They take me to my dreams
I close my eyes and I'm
We ain't underground by accident
There's only a select few that can handle this
freak shit
Apparition of a poltergeist
Blessed with heart
But is
the host of the freakshow 

Got me taggin' piranhas I don't even know 

Got me swimmin' in waters, gettin' caught in fishnet 

Got me hooked up wit'
the morn' getting stoned
Pretty with her eyes low, runny by Bible
The type of bitch that BIG said he would die for
Is the type that I would rather stay alive
poese hierso
Naai man!
Kom ons fokof na die 'Wat Kyk Jy?' jol toe
Yoh! Die queues daar by die 'Wat Kyk Jy?' jols
Is langer as die queues by home
world and life is shorter than Bushwick
Young money man we got this shit by a land slide

Boy I send them bloods at your ass like a tampon
Uptown shit,
other choice except to get a little love 
We rise above 
We be fittin' like a glove 
The pain in my heart is getting dosed by joy 
We have no other

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