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Jessica, Jessica Simpson
You've got it all wrong
Your fraudulent smile
The way that you faked it the day that you died

My body's in shambles
fraudulent behavior
You're gonna make me flip and then an army couldn't save ya
Why don't you behave ya little rugrat?
Take a little tip from the tabloid,
ass nigga I was dead broke
Fuck that fake shit nigga, fuck that fraudulent pretending
Got young Doolie on the body and I really do miss her
The latest and greatest amazing arrival
No conscience, no shame for the game of survival
Thieves and villains and fraudulent swindlers
Gathered in
the artificial product of a fraudulent birth

Give me selfless, consecrated reprise
Not a worthless contribution to the science of lies


Feel it
A fraudulent match for the torturous wrath of the horseman in black
The sorcerer laughs
Foes in the bath with a cauldron of rats, gone in a flash
Fraudulent cause
Dependence on no one best distrust and oppose
Pure resistance unborn to the 
Fraudulent world 
Face revision the spawn of hate 
Forgiveness is distant now 

Rising against the origin 
I am
here for
I hope you're satisfied with getting left behind
Looks like your mouth got the best of you

Fraudulent intentions got the best of you
How can you ever triumph with me?!?!
I'd rather be wretced  and broken
Than join into your fraudulent joy
I'd rather leave my will unspoken
Than stain
to exist
Once misled by an empty fraudulent face
I will never turn my back on you
And deceive the flesh of our race
Deceive the flesh of our race

I will
of disease, which you've harbored since birth
Unwittingly the suffering
Everyday life, a virus
Condemn the molesters of fraudulent morality
fabulous, fraudulent
Bogus and unreal
This is my lucky day
I'll travel to LA
And get myself a deal

Today I'm a bullshit millionaire
As good as anyone
your reflection, a sly disguise, and it's not the girl your want to be?
A fraudulent smile
What you see is what you've asked for,but it's never what
Serpent's embrace

Darkness waiting in her eyes, her gaze
Kissed by a fraudulent snake
A soul eater, serpent's embrace
Serpents embrace

always hanging the same
It won't happen again, so children take note
It's a funny feeling at that
It's a funny feeling at that

The fraudulent fiends
against a country of dystopia
The blameless are left in complete shackled isolation
Left to linger and ultimately wither and rot

Fraudulent peacemakers
This is fraudulent, this is counterfeit, you're a hoodwinker, sir

This is the voice of God
The shrinkwrapper of minds
Stay in, lock your doors
Untouchable is the unholy one
Wolflike vigour of bearsome mind
Ecstasy beyond your serpent tongues"
Blind men of saturated age
Praise tradition of fraudulent
your fraudulent tears for the living 
You who build whole worlds on the backs of the dead
Never make friends with the fraudulent foes
Yes I suppose that I'm fat from the supper
Skinny from the many that try to eat plenty
Now I got
A fraudulent view called the golden rule
A peaceful land that was born civilized
Was robbed of its riches, its freedom, its pride

When I'm
cop another one after each assist

You ain't no gangsta
You'se a busta, a customer, a sucker
You fake fraudulent motherfucker
You ain't a gangsta
a truth I can't erase
All alone on your face
Every glamorous sunrise
Throws the planets out of line
A star sign out of whack
A fraudulent zodiac

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