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by the end

Oh the fragility my valentine 
Has opened up new doors, trajected a new course
Happiness grows like ivy walls
Ink on the paper, oh he
control, but the essence of control is loff of. Neither subject nor object, time is abject. As any crime shows the fragility of the law, as any corpse shows
a crazy world
You understand me
Embrace my fragility
You keep me safe in a crazy world
And in your arms I find the strength to believe in me again

Carpe diem seize the moment
Era fleeting keep on breathing

The fragility of life
Curve balls fall from out of the sky
And as you stare
[Maxi Jazz]
Come on [Repeat: x 3]

I know you so intimately
Anger and misery
The reason for my heart's fragility
How will it be if you simply
to the slaves who mined 'em. It's Raggedy Andy clan; fancy the pretty stitches 'til he learned the skinny on the fragility's physics. Like he snag a button eye
tears to come back,
a long road was waiting for her, the way where I...I found...

Your eternal fragility is the biggest force that I have ever seen,
相信总会make it
I couldn’t love you
I couldn’t love you
I wanna love you
But i couldn’t love you
Couldn’t love your fragility
I couldn’t love your insecurity
according to a fantasy?
My softness and fragility
My feminine grace and delicacy
Made death himself afraid for me

And so in time I grew to be blond
Gonna walk just 'cause
This could save me
And my fragility
It'll kill me

Is this the best I can be?
Is this the best I can be?

Now I'd wish
and then
You show me how it would be if I'd gone the other way

After all this time I've come to find my soul's fragility
But you've rectified my frailty

Tell Me, my Heart
Tell Me what is this pain
It’s just the fragility of Love

Things said in secret
The memory
Take a look in the dark
the fragility of my peity
And I recall this this line
In chapter 1 verse 15 of First Timothy -- that's how

Don't count on me to live with no sin
Don't count
The face of tragedy
Still you'd have to say that
I found victory

In brokenness comes beauty
Divine fragility
Reminding me of nail scarred
head and your tears
I can't believe you chose me, in all my fragility, me
It hurts so much when i love you, it makes me cry 
Every time

You, you
to the electricity board and nourishing
But the wait makes me uneasy I kick the fragility away

And shout I have to go - help
I explode out
Ha, ha

Hey God, I'll be the jester
Entertain ya to the best of my ability
When I suffer more, fragility, when I answer
Came here for

Oh, I know
All the million things that make us different
There's so much love

Let's get along, baby, get along
Let's get along together
You gotta
Never knew this could happen to me
I know now fragility
I know there's people who I haven't told
I know of people who are getting old

Wish I
I spite his word, with truth, for all to learn, worthless fragility,
From birth, scheming, I search, and spread the word, 
Satan is on the earth.
fragility, my discretion
My hair, my austerity, my tattoo, my demise
My fooling and my terror, my problem and my judgement
Oh my disguise, my tongue
To be away from you
Without an aching in my soul making everything harder
Oh I am grateful
For the way you give
But my fragility is killing me
I wish
a pitied pair
Denoted by a scene unfair
Will you make my children bear
The consequences everywhere?

Imminent you seem to be
A picture of fragility
Between souls and a decadent world
I see the fragility of your existence

Where is your god
When you awake in desolation?
Where is your god?


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