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doing a 4-0)

Let me see your drivers license
And registration
I don't need one, it's Aaron's Alien Nation

I'm just Carter
Here we go, then I
it was
Then begin again because
Days are never long enough

Time's never late
Isn't bound by our fate
Try as we may
Love might never be found if we
the way you can’t pass like Aaron Brooks
Uh, President ride the car slow, I let my driver drive
I’m on par 4
Spit hangin' from my mouth retard flow
late (for you)

Hey, listen!
I've have a message for you!

Listen to me!

You know a friend of mine
Called me the other day
By the name of Joe

"Lee Harvey Oswald was shot." 

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by
at days of four instead of two. 
Years seem so few (four instead of two). 
Heads bent in prayer 
For friends not there. 

Leaving twopence
the Prince of Darkness y'all, here we go 

Four times for your mind the poetically inclined 
Genuine and divine can still climb 
When you thought that I
My monitor is frozen
In late four-something sun
That cuts through icy patterns
Another day's begun

Recalling all my losses
While trying
But you threw em all away
I gave you one thousand, four hundred sixty-one days

I gave you four years of chances
To try to be your wife
I cleaned
The people gather round,the baby is crying
The ambulance is late and the lady is dying
The trigger happy did not step off that day
But the lady with the baby
too late
They shot my babies but
They killed my faith

I haven't slept in 14 days
Now it's time to barricade
Myself in these four walls
My 16
By day three I wish you'd come right back to me.
Day four, five and six, well I guess you just don't give a shit.
Day seven, this is hell. this
By day three I wish you'd come right back to me.
Day four, five and six, well I guess you just don't give a shit.
Day seven, this is hell. this
chance we had is passing by
Just too late for another try

Lonely hearts lost fires in the night
The end of our romance's in sight

Repeat Chorus(4 times)
There's four who share this room as we work hard for the crack
And sleeping late on Sundays I never get to Mass

It's a long way from Clare to here
What four-letter word 
D'you know like 
Oh! Work, work 
Oh! Work, work 
I'm back with my old friends 
Sat by the Brunel drinking beer 
Don't want
By four o' clock was just too much
The days and years we had between us
Were down to just two coffee cups

You can't relive life in an hour
You lose a good thing then you want it back again
But it's too late to want what you reminisce

And it was hard to lose you
Four days I laid with
Any man that chats poop I will take out your eyeball with a bamboo skewer!
I roll with Aaron and Aaron
Frequently I get stopped by the gammon
Summer here is over in a million different ways
You look like a dream sometimes but I don't dream these days
Yesterday the snow fell by four
(Ralph McTell)

Four who shared this room and we caught up in the CRAIC
Sleeping late on Sundays and we never got to Mass

It's a long way
life by letting yours unfurled

On and on it goes, sparks upon the wind
Like the July of 4th the crown of stars and a good time grin
On and on it flies
[Originally by Moneen]

Too late tonight, I'm gone and your miles ahead and I'm lost.
Throughout this darkened scene, clear sky's are what I need.
This is what you'll here from me
I've never had a job
More than minimum wage
I've never worked an 8 hour day
And if my boss says son you gotta work late
We used to hang out, play ball
Listen to Aaron hall
When you needed some stuff
I took you to a big mall
And I can't forget the times when I took

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