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you whole

You ain't never gonna tell again
Caught as the founder of the emptiness
It must have made you stocked
Whenever my pride was taken
the founder of a whole new nation,
Thanks to the number of children he'd had
He was also known as Israel but most of the time
His sons and his wives used
Praise our Pagan Father
Founder of the Althing

Given decision to live
Not taken
The flight towards the light
I'll stay in the lava for life
How does Hamilton the short-tempered
Protean creator of the Coast Guard
Founder of the New York Post
Ardently abuse his cab’net post
Destroy his
This is a new day
This is the faith
I'll be the founder 
And you'll be the way
[Repeat: x3]

Break it down...
you're making sounds just like the rest
Salute the founders of the united states of emptiness

You can roll your eyes and write me off as paranoid
You were grounded,
Hadn't eaten or slept for days,
When I found you,
You're washed out,
Your life, your loves,
Everyone founders,
But you are
authorities who in turn drove its founder
Members under ground.

Now, for the first time in world 'istory, these shadowy figures of
Chaos reveal,
have a network leading to the sect and to the soul
They levitate their founder's faith up to a higher ground
While we stay home

I am a wicked man
I will
the rain?

You were the founders of the clinic on the hill 
Until he caught you with your fingers in the till 
He slapped your hand so you settled up your
J. Elmo Fagg, founder and leader
Of the Blue Ridge Quartet
For twenty three years
Temple Records, LST 390
Planning to make a record?
We are
by the Ladies' Club
And took the city founder statue down
Since Consolidated Whozit Subdivision of Universal-What-You-Call-It bought my old hometown
founders, whose fingers forever
Come round here all the time
You don't know what you're saying
I know it's in the
Never in the playing
around there all
of slivers;
     I weave me a sail of fur,
And ducks may founder and die
     But I
  Cross that river to her!

Bunch the deserts together,
can na  keep her just cause you founder
She is engaged to a very wealthy flounder

flounder  backing

ship ahoy ship ahoy backin

Begged her
and even outsuperfreaked Rick James
She's the founder and CEO of Konichiwa Records
The most decorated professional field operative in the industry
and in
and even out-super-freaked Rick James
She's the founder and CEO of Konichiwa Records
The most decorated professional field operative in the industry
won't be long before it's cryin' time

Now, they say that absent makes the heart grow founder
And that tears are only rain to make love grow
Well my
Engulfed by the waves
Where pyramids first rose
And sank to their graves

Isle of our fathers
Founder of our ways
Now lost to the oceans
And blue
Essence Of Power
The True Essence Of Power
Verse 3
Surely goodness and mercy will follow
Me all the days of my life
I serve the King, the founder
the will to fight for what's before me
Cause you ran the race enduring for your glory

I fix my eyes on you, the founder and the finisher of our faith
That she won't be replaced should she founder

It's so hard not to think of before the big war
When the cod were so cheap and so plenty
you, gettin' past these fuckin' bouncers
Tell the critics that they talkin' ’bout the fuckin’ founder
Tell Scott I'm on the way, I’m gettin' fuckin'
the honorable musicians as to the methods and the motives of a truly bizarre reality...the Weird Revolution. 

Thomas Jefferson, co-founder and president

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