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a work; one of Lenin's lads
He was foully murdered by those counter revolutionary cads
Counter revolutionary cads, counter revolutionary cads
He was foully
foully leave

Left to die alone, my dear

Which the pain is more awful

In the body or in soul?

All the love was sadly fallen

Our lives were fully
about his six pack
They sure like al b
To connect like his brows be
And with they bodies spit in god's face so foully
Sin so
Bad it's a liar
and did me foully
Still got love for the foul G's posted at the store
Pinching out the bag and claim they got it for the low
Chains accommodating every
Getting stronger yea I’m Broly
Climb to the top like I’m Mowgli
Getting real big like I’m Maui
Smoking that dank, yea that foully
When I pull up, it’s real
he came in beyond
And he wounded him maist foully

Gae hame gae hame ye false young man
And bring your sister sorrow
For her ain true love lies pale
You've foully stolen
Something I can't live without
But I'm still quite in-between
All my colors lost within
There is nothing that can wipe
My tears out
[?] in tha 9-3
Rollin deep as the figure hoes cock on the one way
Comin up for a rowdy
Slangin these thangs cause the nigga live foully
Snipin one
on reserve load the clip up with my word
I spit til you're disturbed verbs ticklin your nerves
Cock back the hammer in the center with gore shot

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