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The desert wind blowing your hair back
Window down, town after town
Where will we be in half a century?
Two down and forty eight to go 

The sun rises in
Teachers doing fine as far as I can see 

Being a school mam 
Controlling promiscuity after hours 
Being a school mam 
Giving out detentions by
Forty days and forty nights the flood waters risin'
Two by two by two
Two by two by two
Hand in hand we watch for land on the horizon
big red sun
Look a lot like fire
When you come out of the ground
After forty eight hours

Going down down down down down
Going down in Durban deep
a knife
You can cut them with a knife

Two times two is twenty-two
Four times four is forty-four
When numbers get serious
They leave a mark on your
) 40 up in this bitch

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]
(E-40) Motherfucker! (E-40)
(Rich) You can't even fuck with me (R.R)
(E-40) 'Cause in a major
by the tail
And everything is going my way
I've got forty eight hours and twenty five dollars in change

I've got forty eight hours and twenty five
Meanwhile in Tupac news at about six forty-five tonight
Shakur may have lowered his own chances of surviving the attack
By checking himself out
could shut my eyes
And sleep here

People rushing by
Out the corner of my eye
A kaleidoscope of bloom
A mirror broke in two

A thousand little
Mussolini was a fascist pig Hitler was no better Tojo was an imperialistic nip But Stalin managed to go one better
there's whites, separated by the green
After five hundred years, think we play for the same team
Smokescreen, make the president a black guy
It ain't no
Oh here I am after all these years
In a little hole in New York City
It's a little room up there
To cover me up by this snow as it falls outside
I can't get by
There are just one or two
Unkind things I said to you
Daddy what was I supposed to do?
I don't know why it was so hard to talk to you
of case suits, gettin' loot
In a two piece multi national corporation noose
Around the neck of his pops
Got locked and dropped by a dirty cop, stop

Yeah, I
And the toys, yeah

Rose said she was fine for two
With blonde hair, by crack it
Miles of blue
Suze, she was on my side
'Cause she and Nancy
Ah they took
One million bottle bags count 'em
Think they can bounce the ounce
And it get 'em
Yo black spend two hundred and eighty eight million
[Chorus: x2]

Ask the girl of the hour, by the water tower's watch
We can fight if you want but who will turn out the light

[Chorus: x3]

Time after
Lyrics by Mac Powell/Music by Third Day
From the recording: Come Together, Track #2.

Here I am at what feels like the end
And so I come to You, my
to be dry
'cause after the stronger man supply 
But in the drought season it`s too hard to get by
Niggaz be runnin` off with D gafflin muthafuckas,
Come back baby
If I hurt your feelings, I apologize

Two trains running side by side, forty miles wide
Down the eastern line
You don't have to go, I
have to (???)

I want the thirty two-twenty
Made on a forty-five frame
I want the thirty two-twenty
Made on a forty-five frame
And a red, white and blue
Can't feel my feet
Touching the ground

But if I can't swim after 40 days
And my mind is crushed
By the crashing waves
Lift me up so high
That I
Now Amos Moses was a Cajun he lived by himself in the swamp
He haunted alligators for a livin' he just knock 'em in the head with a stump
singer who conquered the world 
Now dead after forty-two years
Dead after forty-two years

House of cards (and) don't it make ya wonder?
to be dry
'cause after the stronger man supply 
But in the drought season it`s too hard to get by
Niggaz be runnin` off with D gafflin muthafuckas,

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