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the skies, the martial preparations commenced in earnest. A brief and perfunctory exchange between the Imperial Herald and the fortification's Watch Commander
Toledo was just another good stop
Along the good king's highway
My fortification took me by surprise
And hit me sending me sideways
Spellbound -
Shocking your motherfucking body like grave dig
Then we dumping you all the say did

I bring pain to y'all niggas who be hating
Fortification 'bout
in restraint
Fortification of pugnacity
Life in a domain

Subordinate to the domination
Life ruled by fear
Subordinate to the domination
and the houses
And the bridges and the fortifications
Until there was nothing left to build with
Now in the silver grey dome of the sky
The birds fly home for
trips doesn't make fortification
Your not dope enough, spit self glorification
So don't jerk me around cause my name ain't masturbation
Life is hard
fortifications decayed
From our own indulgence, the golden age dead


The sound of beating winds
Chaotic dreams asleep
As phantoms we answer
At war
some D

I'm gonna show you what , what
I really got, fortification, pit formation
You want to take it one step, one step too far
Look around,
Is fornication
I rock hard
With a rock-hard fortification

MCs are either pimps, players
Killers or murderers
We drop jewels like
Insanity holds me tight
The lowest forms of my life
Fortification and gleam
To start the fire in me

Breaking all the rules
To breed my fear
Congratulations on your recent acquisition, the bunker is convenient and =
Easy to install, you've purchased the finest in home fortification, the =
to die, why ask why?
I need fortification in this situation passing by
Cryin' inside as I get high, as I ride
Through the Southside wonderin' when I'm gon'

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