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Looking in the hourglass
Ants in the sand
Reflected in the oil lamp
I can see the wrinkles in your hand
You can be forthright with me
You can be
her mind at ease
Forthright I tell her she flawless to me
Scrolling through the timeline think I found my wife
Had to swipe up had to hit her with
the true feather to tar 

Memroy erased and promise gone, 

Tradin' your history for a V.C.R. 

Cinema simulated life in trauma 

Forthright culture,
I am a parasite 
We're on the borderline 
He is the one you sold your soul 
To bridge the gap
Bring on the dying time
My mind
giving my thoughts
That’s a penny for your thought, right?
That’s a penny for my thought, right?
I be bringing you this forthright (Forthright)
Keep it
The guest of omniscience
Forthright eloquence
To behold the end of horizon
Observation of foresights
Inhaling circulations of the soul
what we're supposed to be made of so don't be too forthright about what you think that I should be and I'll willingly
Accept your low opinion of me
homme primitif.

(Find me a primitive man,
Find me a forthright young lad,
Someone with vigor to spare,
Those fatuous beaux they call gigolos could
world turns upside down
Every good night if I'm forthright
My eyes they pierce inside
Every good night
I live the good life
My feat won't fail me now
and forthright 
I can pick this fight alone 
Hold on we can take it on 'cause only 
Words can cut to bone 

Skin tight and forthright 
I can pick this fight alone
homme primitif.

(Find me a primitive man,
Find me a forthright young lad,
Someone with vigor to spare,
Those fatuous beaux they call gigolos could
s a place where no one cry
And good vibrations always
Do reach you

How I love with my forthright
To the land of make believe
Where everything is fun
scum to the back. You come forward with an attitude forthright. But it's only temporary, feigned and fucking tried. We havea n ongoing war me and you,
I'm flat-busted
Wild-eyed and free
I couldn't get arrested if I tried
A has-been at a mere thirty-five

Straight, honest, forthright and true
I'm with all the shits
No matter how narrow the margin is
For the art of it, not the artifice
Gotta stay forthright
Cause 2020 ain't shit without
forthright sharpened sense tonight bless the steel for the ceremony's knell  he is brought to another world where the fearless lie venture slow the bleak will
We'll bring the dog, 


Be resolute, be forthright, be indicative of all that's 
black and futuristic sea creatures that 
nibble at your toe.
a story alright
I'ma be completely forthright
So just sit back for the long night
Dad took me on the Coast Starlight
Slept from dawn through to daylight
need to do is get on with your life
I'm not trying to be mean I'm being forthright

You said that we were finished
You said that you were sure
You said
forthright I'm blunt foreal
I need exotics just to rest
Mind grew a little bit I look at problems as a test
Any equation I solve em with the best
Call they
I ain't ever been a nice guy
I speak like I be forthright, why?
Hype, beady-eyed snake lies, alive
The hope that you had me for died, oh
I know
the Norb size
Court ties lawyer be the case while I was shoreside
Did it in a fortnight
Know we on and buggin like the porch light
(Porch light
You start to think of all the reasons you should go
Bit too forthright with things no one needs to know
My foot is right there why not shoot it while
I'm sick of staying hidden and I'm getting in the phone booth
More forthright than Shakira's hips
Damn done with this life of mere existence
Now I drop

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