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Who could foresee what happened in 1953
Who could possibly see what happened in 1953
off, I can foresee, foresee
Blast off, blast off
Cast off, save all my money
Just for blast off
Blast off, I can foresee, foresee, blast off

To be of fulfillment,
But leaves bend to the will
Of winds blowing.

To foresee the end
Of a soul...Epitaph.

Claim to foresee
The end of a soul.
Bless spirit ditties of no tone. 
Inspirations. Unsensations. 
Modulate more silence. 

You and I may foresee. 
We can be history. 
the flames
The doom cries out for insanity

The nuclear war announces the end of the world
The mankind is buried and forgotten
Prophets foresee the doom
Red lights
I foresee a sudden change
They will be the ones to blame
Waltz in the room I hear them laughing
They come to me when know one sees it
to main

Gonna disappear by train
Cut my signal chain
Find a stable girl
And fill it up again
You can't foresee intent
When the writer writes all
Let's say sunshine for everyone
But as far as I can remember
We've been migratory animals
Living under changing weather

Someday we will foresee

What you foresee is what you'll get
What you foresee is what you'll get

Suspended from the nail
God you can't stop me
Development came like a sudden death in the family
No one could foresee the coming of...
In the multi layers of paralyzed christened lies
foresee my destiny...
Is to live though eternity
Whatever awaits will have to wait
Time itself will deteriorate
Before me
I will not die...
Fate I deny
deal me in
I'm a man who likes to win
Though I can't foresee the future
With you I don't fear a thing

All the odds are on our side
And I know you're
your throne
The fire turns to flames

I had it all
Before the fall
Warlords of misanthropy
Spiritual powers to foresee
Warlords of misanthropy
Mark my words - for I speak the truth and foresee
I've seen the winged shadow
The harbinger of the upcoming storm
And warriors which gathered
tell me
We both know it's unhealthy, still not open anyway

But we can't foresee
What we can't have lost
What we can't have lost
What we can't
It's not the liars that can set your free
It's not the riches that you can't foresee
No, it's not the monkey or the LSD
It's not the powers that
could foresee the coming of their fate

Bewildered by confusions
Fearing what they never knew
They chose to remain? restrained

Grieved I was
I search the inner depths of my soul
Yet how I would find my serenity
I never could foresee...

I seek to find the balance

And within my
Taking in the doldrums
How could we foresee
Terrible addictions
Houses that were out of reach
For me, From me

Hey you got a story 
Would you
No regression (I foresee)
Fear breeds in your scent of dying
Fear - my hatred is your destiny

Silence whispers now in thousand voices
The feeling you're getting
Is downright depressing
Do you foresee
A way out for me

Well it's not my problem
To help you solve them
Do you
Well I got no reason to lie
Cause I foresee a change
And there's no mistake
If you wanna know the reason why

It's your jealousy
And I don't
down on my shoulder
Human everything but free
We are victims of our instincts
Feel the sunset I foresee

Every day it's getting colder (?)


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