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We could have skated through winter.
If...I just kissed you then.
Mistakes I made by not falling head over heels
For you on icy ponds.
And your grip
Okay last time, this is drugs
This is your brain on drugs
Any questions?

Welcome home George Young (RIP McBride)
The real Boston George
It's that
By hark the best speed
This expert who could keep niggas alert in a school for narcolepsy

[Chorus: Saukrates]
Let em know the time it takes (Yes
for real-a
Let's get the skrilla's out the hands of these gorillas
Make the whole world feel us
From the crack to the cap peelers
To the niggas in

These days still the same
I can steal the flame, eyes kill with the pain
So I advise y'all to chill with the games
Entertain for the cheddar
Make way for these introverted ducklings. 
Make way for ducklings; 
Soon they?ll be existentialist heroes. 

Okay quiz time now that our trip
I'm aggravated and assault is my next move
Success means issues, so I guess it's time for me to disclude
Handle mines, we use pistols
G's move with
they OGs
A straight up pussy and claims that he knows me
You see I, putting out these DVDs
Now my shit done hit the streets, he gots to squat the pee
Can't you tell by my cut why I'm pimpin'
And if I hit one time she's limpin'
And if he trick one dime he's simpin'
'Cause we don't do it like
weatherman in the biz, I'm storm watch
Triclops Media, record, tape and TV, Net radio, CD or DVD
Iriscience (write rhymes on paper time)
This is why Baboo
I dreamed I thanked Scott Ian for persistence of time
Back when Steve and Eva died that album changed my life
It was a package of pure darkness tied
I'm sorry for the hold up but I been on the road
Should have had this verse to your ass a long time ago
When I put that on everything, I ain't had
the great late Malik Sealy
The one the player haters hate dearly, but can't near me
Homicide can't scare me
I o-bide by the laws of these streets sincerely,
o-bide by the laws of these streets sincerely, a real nigga
The type that can build with ya
Verbalize bring life to a still picture, it's God-given
should push back to the city, fo real doe
Nigga, for what?
What that nigga, what's that Jeezy song say nigga?
"Last time I checked I was the man on these
Triple X, dvd's, I got a whole stack in
Was snapped out of my daydream by something that I seen
I left the tissue full of spunk on the floor by my jeans
two times
And young nigga, keep coastin'
Turn on the DVD and watch myself on TV
It's killings after killings but they don't know it's me
It's lil'
Stay in the house that's the sound of the gangs, clef
By the time we figured out what happened
I was in an ambulance tellin' my cousin keep
where all the birds have homes
And for self, after years I got no help
Tremendous, the bad times, they seemed endless
I spin this bottle, I mash this
o-bide by the laws of these streets sincerely, a real nigga
The type that can build with ya
Verbalize bring life to a still picture, it's God-given
Willie the Kid, I ain't one for the shenanigans,
Nigga' strike a pose, leave you froze, like a mannequin.

(During Kid's last verse) In these times
these times,
The economy got nigga's thinkin'
The worst to make paper.
'Cause somebody ain't accommodatin' nigga's
Enough for they slave labor.
It's time to elect us some zest, not the rest of
These closed-minded livers living TV like a despot
Cultured up like rabies, man, you need a tetanus
only grows at a phenomenal rate
Out of 50 I done ran through 39 of these states
The love that I receive I'm earnin it
From the SMACK DVD shit to the 50K
And the phone rings voicemail, "beep" I'll call you back
Yeah right. how many times have I fallen for that
And it all comes down to we wanna get laid
But don't

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