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Kenny Silvers 
The boy who disappeared,
Kenny Silvers 
The boy who disappeared

Kenny gets by on a fiddle almost every day
Chasing his
How's about savin' all your time for me
No more lookin',
I know I've been tooken
How's about keepin'
throw your hands up in the air 
BDP rockin' without no fear 
So Kenny Parker if you know what time it is 
Throw the funky fresh beat in like this
down Kenny Park ah!! 
Hahaha  you know 
I don't know what your management be tellin you 
I don't know what your producers be tellin you 
But yo  you
Love Has Come of Age
Kenny Loggins
(This Is It)

The many times you've learned the lines
That love has spoken
So easily you love to leave
And the snakes came out the grass 

They don't realize I'm not confined 

Nor trapped by space and time 

I am a rebel, an overthrower 

I have never heard this song by Kenny Rogers, and as far as I know a man named Tom Jans wrote it. The only person I have ever heard sing this song is
This one hyah  is a must 
Let top selector crush y'all with skill 
'Cause ya know it's so skillful 
long time for reggae music no hip hop music
Cause it's about time one of y'all hear it
And hear it first-hand from an intelligent brown man
A vegetarian, no goat or ham
Or chicken or turkey
bother dissin' me 
Or even wish that we'd 
Soften, dilute, 
Or commercialize all our lyrics 
'Cause it's about time 
One of y'all hear it 
and never fell
I spent my time in a plush hotel
John-John Phenomenon, deadly but calm
Word to my born, dead by dawn

Got the right to bear arm, ring
to wet me
For Run-D.M.C. I let shells fly, freein the five
Wit the red eye, niggas talkin to much
Tape 'em up, leave 'em hog tied

[Kenny Cash]
You thinkin

For instance, build a strong social life
Without messing up still trying to live right
Like in junior high, I used to wonder why
for the
Papal visit
Human trash roam the town
Woke up by hosanna
Helicopters strip the land
First impressions will be the last
Woke up at 2
New York or just a janitor
From Canada? Oh Can-I-bitch

Now at first I ain't really understand the shit
Picture me for a second and imagine it
the very first time

A mental note of you, you sang my melody
First bar in a lifelong symphony
The prelude to a kiss
My heart's pounding when I
on some "Stan Lives" shit
It creeped me out at first. Man this is sick
For me, being just a sick, this conflict
Gets my dick harder than arithmetic
second of the clock tick by
On an endless night
The first time seeing you with someone new
Dying inside trying to play it cool
It don’t matter how long
Large Pro,
It's my first Large Pro beat
You a genius nigga
I'm honored
And with them gray's in your beard,
You lookin' more like a genius
Hollow same views with some sex
I lost a lot of love for missionary
This the first time I react
Me and top is like a Kobe and ville
A father
to see 
Gives me hope when I can't believe 
That for the first time 
I feel love 

I have a brother 
When I'm a brother in need 
I spend my whole
totally unprepared
For the first time we fall in love
We think it's forever, the first time we fall in love
We always treasure the first time we fall in
a blindfold, King Kendrick
(Hello Billy)
So many plays on me I finesse
Palisade views with some sex
I lost a lot of love for missionary
This the first time
[Willie D]
Ladies first, who the fuck made up that shit?
9 times outta 10 it was a bitch
I'm comin' at cha like this
Cause your pussy ain't no more
time ago, remember that day?
Make rhyme
So fine
First time!

Ooh ooh, ooh ooh
First time
It comes unaware,
You're un-rehearsed, and unprepared for that

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