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Full speed ahead jumped out to a foot race on a one time
Swear to god if he up his pole Im a turn around and ima dump mine
Break it down on a plate bag
I aspire to beat Death to a foot race to the end
I aspire to beat Death and all her friends
I aspire to beat Death to a foot race to the end
the new Chevy
Skr skr like a dune buggy
Whip smart bust a u-y, go dummy
Run a foot race 'til my own two too bloody, ay

Clyde Kelly riding in the new Chevy
I’m loading up the gun
But she had to go away
I tell I how I love
But she still see your pain
I tell her how I love
But she in a foot race
I tell her
you're just fine
Play it safe
In my cage
I'm okay
Cut out my brain
Play it safe
In my
buzzer beater
Bought a Coke, a whole liter
Neverland, but no Peter
High in the stars like Mac Tonight
I disappear like Meta Knight
Might have a foot race
The feelin is strong
You and Me
Can't go wrong
Said you and me
You and me
Step one
Win the foot race
Run to your good place
You know what it takes
stubborn through and through
With every breath of poison
You start a daily foot race
Are you running to better days
Or are you running in place
Caught in
pumping the brakes
But everyones crawling in this foot race
Hoping someday sometime something would change

I need you now I never thought I would
I keep on goin' and these niggas Thinkin' we in a foot
Race Told them I'm back up in That mode so tie up
They shoelace It ain't bout the Bird, It
trying to end my life
Left right side to side

A panicked high speed chase, gone classic
High traffic hunt with an inky twist, foot race so devilish
Wakin up in limbo
Sadly in the same state
Physically at standstill
Mentally a foot race
Where did all my friends go
Maybe I pushed them away
Maybe I
Lest the eternal sentence
The worm is writhing

In the devil's fury craze
A deadly foot race
The light stamps out the darkness
The word unfazed
other way
But I'll never feel the same
So take this hint and preserve your feelings
I wanna be in that headspace
A foot race
Running down my demons
Cuz I
Oh it's too late
Wasting my time
My feelings are a foot race Runaway with my mind
When you tell me that you're okay You're just being sublime
that i need my space
Imma do my music shit, imma keep it at my pace
In the end of this shit, it's not a foot race
Yeah it's not a foot race
I see you in
slow ion care if it’s a slow pace, I know real love take time it ain’t no foot race.

When I say I love you baby best believe it, every word coming from
like a foot race (Foot race)
And I'm not finna buy a bag for no hoe, so just get the fuck out my face
We been flying, on a jet (On a jet)
Ain't a rookie,
5.	Too Fast
Moving too fast (vroom) 
Broke boy get off yo ass (get off yo ass) 
Aye Aye 
Skrt Skrt I do da dash (skrrrrrt)
Foot on da gas 
Race to da
She was runnin' barefoot in the grass
Barefoot in the grass

It brings a smile to my face
Seein' her, no shoes in a foot race
Runnin' as fast
I do the dash do the race
Foot on your neck mean go
I'on't use no breaks
Nigga getting money
(Hey yea hey yea hey)
Niggas getting money
(Uumm )
sharp (1-2-3-4)

Blood money mercenaries, think you can muscle Wu?
It's a foot race, who can out-hustle who?
Hip hop junkie flunky, monkey see, monkey
God knows I ain't lyin'

See, that's when it's gettin' soft
See, I was gettin' a little tired now
And I just slowed down a little bit
Foot race is
let's run a foot race to the creek
Where you see clear down to the bottom of the deep end
Dependin' on where you stand, how you look, and what you want

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