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"Bring 'em up dead" 
"Statik Selektah"
"Can you say New York City?"
"Your mind is all about crime, your mind is all about crime"
"Bring 'em up
Peace to gettin’ money, peace to gettin’ money

Yeah, Flushing, Queens, outdoorsmen shit
Yeah, Action Statik Selektah shit
Kill yourself now
forever and always
St. Marx Ave., forever and always
(1-5-fo'-5) Statik Selektah, this beat remind me
Of them old times back in the hallways
Statik Selektah

O back around the corner
Got the crack, put in your orders
We ’bout to run up out the stores
It’s notorious,
(This is live and direct)
(Others such as myself are trying to carry on tradition)
(Carry on tradition)
Got Statik, and I’ma select
Mic check 1,2,1,2
I put more G's on your neck than a Gucci bow tie nigga
This is what happens when Statik Selektah
Get a rap from Hannibal Lecter, the cannibal
"Cause the feeling - is gooooone! (Ghost!)
And I must - get it back! " {Statik Selektah!}

Trust me, nothing prepares us! (trust!)
They never say
Statik Selektah
Playing through the broken ankles, man
Never sit down, cause I'ma stand up

Yo book a ticket to the tropics cause I’m through with
brotherhood called the, "Cut you off for nothing" crew
And yes we open the road with less brethren
When Statik Selektah decided he gon' let you have it
Call me
I got Statik's Jordans
Yeah, Lucky 7 huh, yeah

I'ma keep it me and keep the camera close
Six months, back in the unit, that nurse look like Amber
be still
The irony of my movement, they eyeing my every movement
The pioneer of the future, another Statik selection
With a dab of perfection