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Play it Earl, Scruggs that is
Tip your hat to the teacher
Tip your hat to the teacher
on the rock
Are innocent and they know not
That the tide comes in
Death rides it like a Viking

The mountains rise above the mist
And the golden prince I've
Earl ]
I'm the P-r-e-a-c-h-e-r, uh
Preacher Earl and I'm considered a superstar
Pick up the microphone and I proceed to rock 'n roll
By the time I
to the small town where
I'm from with foggy air and the wind and the mountain
top and we clung to rocks and looked off and you
held my hand. You almost got
I was rollin' through the hood one day
Thought shit den calmed down, 
"Gang-bangin'" den played out by the years since I den been around
Ain't talked