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bring the new in
The language I'm fluent
The language I'm fluent

That's the language I'm fluent
The language I'm fluent
The language I'm fluent
I eat to it sleep to it speak fluent street music
Emcee to it EQ it preview it street music
Force feed you with reach you with teach you with street
white girl, Martha Stewert
My music influence but I ain't tell em' to do it
This for the street life nigga's that speak the slang fluent
As, as,
fluent in your love language
Learning your love language
I know I don't speak your language
But I wanna know more, baby
Fluent in your love language
Yeah yeah
No excuses
Only executions
I'm a hustler I'm resilient man I really do this
Talkin' bags
Then I'm fluent
And I suggest you never cross me I
I love when you do it
I love when you do it
Shawty shake that ass so fluent
Don't stop what you doing
Party every night like a student
Living young
different from humans
Got em calling me a mutant now
Money talk and it's fluent
I can tell that you clueless now

I can tell you into it
I can tell you gonna
that's a game
A crazy man's language that I will never
Speak Fluent
Speak Fluent
With your gold diggin'-ass ways
Always flippin' out sayin'
Daddy please do
Vreau sa aflu, yeah
Vreau sa aflu, yeah
Sa aflu, yeah
Daca-i seceta, picuri?
Vreau sa aflu, yeah
Vreau sa aflu, yeah
Daca-i seceta,
It's watcha doing
It's watcha doing
It's the way you move it
Moving fluent
An the way you throw it
The way you throwin
An keep it going
You keep it
If I can do it, then homie then you can too,
if you blew it, it’s something i wouldn’t do, yeah
I’m too fluent, it’s nothing to misconstrue
Aye Hoops, Kyd, Alex Relm made this

Would say pardon my french but I ain't fluent
I don't speak no language of love, don't got no Cupid
All these
Hey my name is Ekow, how you doin
I remember back when no one knew him 
Now they 'bout to see me on the TV spitting raps and moving fluent 
Speak of death bitch, I’m fluent
Takin' trips with the ruined
Get out the way
Get out the way
Get out the way
Before I steal your fuckin' face
Cut throat,
Yea I’m misunderstood
So I'm a face this wood
Cause damn I’m feeling good
If you want to then let’s do it
But you gotta be fluent
I like getting
It's so fluent and it's proven to movement in your fluids
Let's Do It!
You are witnessing a feature presentation
Of some brothers that done made it
See the truth is I do this, I suit what the mood is
I'm fluent in movement
So I keep it movin, I keep it movin
Let it slide imma let it go
Imma rise
I understand the language of love
I'm fluent
So don't make me chase the game
Don't make me walk the pretence

I understand the language of love
you'll never find
Nobody do it like we do it
Cause Talk is cheap and that currency I can speak fluent

I was down but I'm up right now
Pouring something in
Bite the bullet imma push like a pull it
Spread the word real is what I'm talking fluent
If I see nobody's doin' it Imma do it
Got a vision I won't
nigga I'm fluent in bullshit
I got something to prove, watch me prove it again
I guess I just grew out of stupid
I won't look for respect if I know it
And the way you acting naught
Make me wanna get
Sexual Sexual
Anything you want We can do it
Speaking naked language I be fluent
Got you drip drip dripping with
Niggas selling pressure under the influence
Talking them dollars and I speak it fluent
If you ain gettin money nigga what you doing
If you ain gettin
this trap shit fluent 
She jumped in my DM because she fuckin' with the movement 
(Yeah yeah) 

You run from the truth
Meanwhile I just face it 

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