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take a breathe
Exhale, look around
Do you really need that reaction
Or are you safe and sound
Safe and sound

Heart Fluency
Connecting you and me
haters swallowing my semen
Keep dreaming we will never be even
Fluency's the name that everybody screaming
Got em all like oh shit oh shit
The Flu getting
I wish to be like them
Those who suffer so beautifully
Those who spit out pain like phlegm
For the morphine of its fluency
I give my offering
To be
they're people just like you and me
So cut the bullshit out like it was truancy
True indeed if I speak the truth it's fluency
Now step aside young buck as I
Everybody's practicing,
Our world's an accident
I was the fool because I thought

Let the fluency set it down.
There's an upside of down.

The moon is
Waylaid by chaos, mirthfulness and madness
Feeling, falling, taunting gods creation
Oh, so lief yielding fluency to temptation

Prudence was the context
fluency with rhymin ingenuity
All of this is new to me, see I peep rhymes
with scrutiny, under a microscope I walk a tightrope
A thin line between
fluency with rhymin ingenuity
All of this is new to me, see I peep rhymes
with scrutiny, under a microscope I walk a tightrope
A thin line between
that I used to be
Full of faith, explanations in fluency
Now I'm pacing, disgraceful, I truly see
I gotta separate myself from the youth in me
The one
A tendency call them
Some many different women but
A fluency brought em
I guess I need to be alone
My house is not a home if i can't live in
it would ruin me
I shed blood, sweat, and tears for this fluency
Look in the mirror for the comp and it’s just you and me
You is me, it’s in the bag so
Nuance my first love grew into fluency
Shawty off everything she seeing two of me
Told her can't go back to "Niggas was using me" 
We was way too
should be
Love language fluency
Our exchange is new to me
You know what you to do to me
The proof is in the pudding
Be careful how you look at me
Make sure we stack up a change financial fluency
Cause our ladies be rocking their 4c
I foresee the millions
Was born with this million for free
Usually, I'm good with all the scrutiny 
But the fluency might just turn me to a mutiny 
Done beautifully 
(Yeah) Done beautifully 
I do not want to compete
I just want us all to reach the same level of congruency and fluency
It ain’t all about the jewelry I’m more about it
is the root of evil so I spend it stupidly
The fruit is sweet, but it's not enough I'm seeking
Fluency, so I suggest that you adjust your meager
a doubt 
See when 
in the beginning 
I started this music thing 
Talent was my fluency 
Not so much with currency 
Guess that's that's how the story be 
You got that fluency but with an accent
Don't mind them others they be stupid  
Don't bring no heart bae I'm anti cupid 
Half freak like a mutant 
There's no immunity, quickly build up fluency 
Fully knowing it could lead anyone to their eulogy
Kinda hard respecting this life for all its beauty
Used to see it as a boosted seat
Instead of what humans are if they just choose to be
It won’t erase the nature of the cruelest beast
Or placate
mixed with fluency, flew my lady overseas
Baby bug got butter, you know she got that double cup
Candy bitches telling secrets
Iced out louis, gucci
prepare to brace
For mutiny to unity
There’s no impunity for our community
So scared to take some care and face up to our
Humanly lunacy
Ambiguity’s fluency
So far from reality, cancel
My whole soul, another world
We accept more, and consider
That the world is upside down
Right to decide right or wrong

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