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one day

Daylight counting hours
Worshipped by the flowers
Related to mars and moon
But the night is coming soon

The sky turns red
A frightful
the summer it's green 
And in the fall it's orange and red and gold 
Then it comes alive 
In the rites of spring when the rivers thaw 
And the flowers
away by 'are ol' cancer, and ol' Red could do nothin' for 'are that day

I know the kids gonna miss you honey, and you know Red gonna miss you too
flower--blighted by a wayward youth,
Has cast its seed on well-worn pathways--borne on winds of whispered truth.

We march to drums of our own choosing--each
But dawn bleeds with the people here and morning skies are red
As young girls load up bicycles with flowers for the dead

An aging woman picks along
Harry -- are you really so naive 
You can honestly believe 
That the country's getting better 

When all you do is let her alone 
Harry -- Can you
by a
Person that I thought I trusted, where I live
It's a war at the cribs, walk with a strap
Myself 'cause I don't want nobody's son on my back
Had my canvas primed in white, some water by my bed, a wooden palette smeared with reds and gray s and blues. Dipped my brush into the paint, traced
Are you frightened by the weight you possess
Or is this lie just weightlessness
Smoggy twilight in L.A.
I can't think of one real thing to say
a cause and ride with my soldiers
Many are called, few are chosen
I choose to die for a cause and ride with my soldiers

[ all ]
We live for this, we die
to get next to them, sometimes I want to drive them all away 
Say: You're not my ghosts, I live in Sunny California, I drive a 1992 Red Chevrolet 
to the grave, I remain number one
This thing of ours, got competition taking red showers
Grieving mothers calling 1-800-Flowers
My repertoire burn your ashes
Desert Rose
Why do you live alone
If you are sad
I'll make you leave this life
Are you white, blue or bloody red
All I can see is drowning in cold
everybody in the stands boy
I'm all red I'm on fire like an ant pile
They put the clamp down if I put the stamp down
You get the stampede, I make blood
to the roughest motherfucker
It's nothin' but illustrous
My crews are cussin' to bustin' ass crushin' glass
In niggaz faces leavin' traces of red out this bloody
It ain't a game dick
You know us, European whips
Chain frost bit
Peter pay Paul now pay the boss kid
Heavens the stakes are now even