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in this time you've gotta give the dog a bone

Flourishes around me
Hold on so tight
The unknown sometimes scares me
If not for the lady of the night

I give to you my heartshine
I give to you my heartshine

Love flourishes 
Love flourishes,
You've gotta value love supreme
talons used to be
Scars where its talons used to be

I was a slow learner
And I moved in flourishes
I was a late bloomer
I moved in flourishes
Selfishness still flourishes
Contested only to create further pain
Animosity reigns

(The) gears reach an abrasive halt
Normalcy out of reach
Spreading the cancer
Sweet disease 
Flourishes the wound
Waiting, dying, withering away

Breathing in the sickness
Spreading the cancer
Sweet disease
for the world
I nearly died for the world 
Part of me erodes while part flourishes for mankind
Part of me erodes while part flourishes for mankind

from these epics endured

Far beyond the wake of day
My flesh remains unsevered
Witness one strength dwindle
As the other flourishes

Death plagues

Geah, anywhere there's oppression, the drug profession
Flourishes like beverages, refreshing (ah)
Sweet taste of sin, everything I've seen made
green fingers

It's curious
Where animals don't go
Mandrake-rooted deep into the soil
Where the sun won't fall but it flourishes
See the pretty
and crush gums into blood 
The hardest part for the weak was stroking your fingers with rings full of teeth

It's 5 AM and my heart flourishes at each
her young
She comforts each and every one
The flower sheds its seeds and flourishes.

But now I walk a mile high
My shoulders in the clouds
I have seen
like grass
He flourishes like a flower of the field
For the wind passes over it, and it is gone
And its place knows it no more

But the steadfast love
Fly me to the moon make your dreams come true 

Last night we met in my dream
We danced in a sunflower field
The Goddess of spring within you
the corruption flourishes within
Parasitic low-life scum
On the flesh of their own young
To grotesque graven images
to restarting
Can have the day with out darkness

So as a ant lives to get stepped on
And a plant blooms and wilt
A species flourishes till extinction
Or on a hike in the dark with just the glow of the fireflies
There's something hopeful in my heart
It swells, grows, flourishes, when I'm in your arms
Its that
Or on a hike in the dark with just the glow of the fireflies
There's something hopeful in my heart
It swells, grows, flourishes, when I'm in your arms
Its that
tears they're falling down
Nothing ever flourishes I think I'll start to drown
Calling up my bitch
When I'm not okay
She said that I'd be fine
Why I feel
by the vow
Of death's embrace
Inescapable dream
Forever bound to this scourge
Betrothed to the abyss
His scorn flourishes
In nothingness
when it comes to me
You'll never see this kind of love posted on TMZ.
Everything around me flourishes
I know that I've got a purpose building generation
and decay
What once flourishes will fade
This light I have does not belong to me
It’s passing through along its way
And as it sinks down deep into my troubled
As I look around me
All I see is fear, jealousy and corrupt
In a place where negativity flourishes and hate is accepted
I neglect it
Nor do I feel
the morning it flourishes and is renewed
In the evening it fades and withers

For we are brought to an end by your anger
By your wrath we are dismayed
You have
Oooo dont be the dude that gonna
do em dirty
But I do discourage hanging with weeds
That's not how a flower Truly flourishes.
You need Courage to suffice

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