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prospered and grew
Thou shalt know me by my fruits
From the Hercynan forests
To beyond the skyscraping Alps
To which the flight of the crows led us

I am
between these memories of flight

If chance should spill her darkened cup
If one day we should marry
The crows would chortle in the trees
Our closest calls
[Flight Announcement]
"Flight 101, Super Jet service for Pittsburgh and Los Angeles
will depart from Gate 12. Passengers may proceed into the
of fools
Tale of war
Change of heart
Day of show
Flight of stairs
Burden of proof
Murder of crows
Moment of truth

Look out, boy scout
"The next flight to London will be boarding
In five minutes"

Next plane to London
Leavin' on runway number five
Next plane to London
And I'm
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard the starship Boney M
for our first passenger flight to Venus.

Ready for count-down: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 -
of the crow
Time will come - Cross the line
Time has come - For the crow to fly away
It's a flight to hell
Can you hear the bell
The devil has come
To take your
What it is in nature which lends its hand
To the tongues of young wondering lovers in flight
That by the silent boot of a dying word
A scythe was
flights when witches ruled the world
In a twinkling moment you see cockroaches and crows

Go behind the great clouds if you want to stay the same
the riddle no one solves
Around which the world revolves

It's an endless walk uphill
Until fear submits to will
It's our plans gone out of hand
A wild flight
you're leaving ground

Rise to fame, the flight of the crow
Time will come, cross the line
Your time has come, for the crow to fly away

With the wings of sorrow, I have taken flight
Cloaked in the darkness like a thief in the night
I have watched the farmer planting in his field
scream or will you laugh?
Little baby blue bird, eyes turn black

4 and 20 gory pantone black crows shredding innards
The silhouettes are fencing lefty
and I fell
That's when I woke with a fright 
From that terrible dream
And you were there by my side like you've always been
I wondered what it meant
her palace of mass delight
Her power dawned victorious
Victoria the key, her mind unfastened
By flights of morbid fancy
Psychomancy, rites
Passing verbs and laughter hurts ?
The passengers to my head flight
Dead right if a clash occurs that ass get served
Better luck next life
I plaster
nails is not from [C] some field of flowers
[G] Sown by the April showers and what they may or [C] may not bring
[G] I always get lucky [C] in the [G]
Sock ya like ? did Kurt Rambis 
Fax you that flight number, stand by frequency 
Don't mess with me 

Pontiac, GTO 
Pontiac, GTO 
Pontiac, GTO
roam by and by so these crimes multiply

See this wayward sun, boy
May you live to run another day
Dark is the heart
And dreams will come
Through the maw of the woods, a black carriage was drawn
Flanked by barbed lightning that hissed of the storm
(Gilded in crests of Carpathian breed)
Like I'm in a dark forest that's illuminated by my soul
Like a Phoenix from the Earth watch me take flight
The world's in color when I walk it's all in
I've been livin' out here by the hydro towers
Tryin' to feel my feet and regain my powers
Livin' on the flight path, tryin' to feel the ground
On the road to the riches in the speed lanes
And if I clash or colide with the other side
Livin my life why cause my passengers got ??? 
kept myeyes
days before autumn, fifty-two after July
The sun shone bright, on time was her flight
Shot to LAX absolute, positive like
Only the shit-brown '82 Corrola
doin' drive-bys man we do a pull up
The nigga on the passenger side automatically die
From several gunshot wounds to the head
On the scene he dead Chopper

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