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Untouched by flesh of hand
Heartbeat under
Heartbeat under
Heartbeat under
Heartbeat under
Some promised land

Love song
Love song
Love song
In coats of many colour
Reptile man drop
Stay below it [Repeat: x4]
Temperature drop

America's a boyfriend
Untouched by flesh of hand
Untouched by flesh of hand

Heartbeat under
Heartbeat under
Heartbeat under
Heartbeat under
Some promised land

Love song
Love song
Love song
Demons made of steel and flesh
Grinders spitting with fire
Attacking with power and speed
Cold crowling Death
Demons made of steel and flesh
On and on and
On and on and

Flesh of heart
Heart of steel
So well so well
I cut my hair

Paint my face
Break a finger
Tell a lie
So well so well

America's a boyfriend
Untouched by
Hooded in the mists of time in distant lands of dust
Here they live and forge the steel that carves out human lust
Thulsa doom his flesh and bone
of Hades at their backs
The Scourge of Iron
Hell's eternal pact

Lash them
Rip their skin
Scourge of Iron
Rending flesh

On earth they lived by
Cast in fire tempered by the flame evil demons lie within the blade
Mighty swords razor sharpened steel death metal weapons forged to kill

Bisection of the brain by steel
Final thoughts will dissipate
Unable to perceive what is real

Struggle with death
In shock you grasp at the air
eaten by ghouls

Nature's colossal temple 
Under your bleeding flesh
the opposition cannot win.
Stronger than steel and forged by God, for the battles we must fight.
Waging war upon the flesh, His ways are always right.

in the south
Now every man prepare
The sea will be colored by blood
Battle is drawing near

A mighty fleet of forty ships
Two kings bring lethal
This is where he made Sculptures
from the Visions that Created The Force

Baphomet in Steel
For the Flesh of Cain
A Throne made by remains
of 12
And openings made in the soul.
Steel razored teeth,ripping the flesh,
Feeding the ultimate goal.

And making our sacrifice
Hoping the lord is appeased?
seem to quiver
The world's about to collapse
We got every cell on stand-by
Waiting for relapse

There are times
Can't hold it together
I didn't stop then, it's only two blocks to the school

Steel wrapped around the pole
Hot blood streams on cold cement
Burnt flesh in the air
Crammed in a space
Less than six feet by two feet
Like veal ready for slaughter
He lies there
Unable to move
The walls binding him in his place
Intestines exposed
By violent thrusts
The innards removes
Dissecting the guts
To rip through the skin
Tissue and muscle
Cartilage shreading
Torn from inside as my eyes absorb the false state of my life...passes by transcended through a tearful eye. Now my my eyes...burn with
Jugulator he is near
Attracted by the stench of fear
Part demonic, part machine
Hungry and it's time to feed

Iron claws and fangs of steel
the skies
Feasting on blood from the divine
Tearing flesh with razor teeth
When steel and bone meet

This war on god has just begun
Conquest of freedom
hatred, bringer of woe 
By metal you'll die 

Enslaving the young and the old 
Your women fall prey 
Cutting your flesh to the bone 
No mercy, just
They slew men ruthless
Fed the wolves with flesh
And now they leave
This land side by side

Now they're headed home
Five swordsmen who fought
Like the dawn of creation
We awaken to a new day
A day of confronting reality
That dark satin veil, pierced
Cold steel poles to invade my flesh
To conquer the flesh

Shedding this mortal skin
To set free our dark plague
To slay the ones who oppose

Surrounded by violence fury and death

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