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like I'm dancing with the devil
Dancing with the devil
Tell me when you done flawing yourself
There is no competition don’t kill yourself
I'm good I
Am I falling
Am I falling
Am I flawing
Am I falling
Am I flawing
Am I falling
Lately the boy don't feel like himself
Lately the boy don't feel like

All I care is how this feels
All i care is how my peace feels

She's told me she wants good love and no sex, no sex, no sex, no sex

Good Love
to Sunset
But naw,but naw he want to play bad Billy bad ass and shit
I'm flawing my game like I can't perform the hit
I threw on the fucking plastic bag
Time, slips away 
Time is flawing 
Like dust in the wind
The desert claims my soul 
Onto the unknown 
On for so long! 

Knowledge - the key -
To rule
feeling like marvin but now i got money
I'm flawing ima
Do this till the day of my coffin don't get to close luh nigga back up off me guns
In my section
just talking up
Y'all don't respect I don't talk enough
I'm steady forward no halting us
I be so perfect while flawing up
I got my stripes without
Damn I hope it's worth it
Flawing with no purpose 
Shit I'm allergic 
From the bull shit y'all snorting 
Let me sip this portion while I 

Been trying
Dreams are water flawing somewhere in caves of my mind

Making me feel frustrated, glad and human, yeah, it's common Things

All the puzzled thoughts
I could tell you I'm sorry and this would be lying
But I know you'd murder for flawing less
You see that's my side of the story and instead
do dat flawing we gone get da robbing
I fuck dat bihh when i was drunk i shoulda wear a condom
Im chilln wit the Og’s and im kicking in knowledge
a state
It's just touches the sky we are flawing on
Every time we touch the Earth stands still
When I see your eyes desire they will

Our hearts align so

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