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Flavorful like bubblegum
It sticks good but it don't last long
Keep it up so I can come down
And I do what I want when I want now

And I don't think
to mine
There's no barrier that could stop me
Lips so flavorful, sweet as candy
Walls of roses surrounding your body
Now lock me inside your memory

Sprinkle it, sprinkle it
All that shit
Sprinkle it, sprinkle it
On your shit
Maybe it would taste flavorful
Sprinkle it, sprinkle it
All that shit
flavorful, bags of licorice
The drop, the rock, the watch, the necklace
There's no forgettin' this, the way that I'm reppin' this
My bodyguard's big but do
neck, I'd rather pay for sex
Gucci and Quavo like Steph and Klay, we the splash brothers
Jewelry so flavorful, check out Fader, the last cover
cold pictures like kool-aid facing condensation
Having conversations with flavorful combinations
Slave to my concentration
So that's oj the juiceman
cold pictures like Kool-Aid facing condensation
Having conversations with flavorful combinations
Slave to my concentration
So that's OJ The Juiceman
Of food for thought, it's so flavorful
Ark and Czar kick it in the city
Kiki never loved me, she busy doing the shiggy
I leave 'em dizzy, you probably
at least a sign
Beautiful, you came at such a decent time
When we combine
It's like good food and wine
Flavorful yet refined
You remind me of the divine
Of their sacrifice 

I'm here now 
I'm basting in their full glory 

A new dawning at the closing 
Of an old story 

Wisdom pours thru me 
A flavorful
with cha misses sauce is dripping through streets 
She gone to cum I take her home her  flavor dripping through my sheets 
Flavorful... shawty blended
flavorful wordplay sorbets
Repeating one or more sonorities while chords play
Bust my raps like fornication 
How'd you like the foreplay
You want the reward,
come right for me, time to show 'em who is boss
Bet I brought the sauce, flavorful as fuck
When these bitches get a taste they can never have enough now
eat 'em at work
Oh Corn dogs are just so flavorful
That I eat 'em at home and I eat 'em at work

I'm past the point of caring
Corndogs are meant for
the struggle
Rice and butter was my favorite food
Less was more flavorful
In tune with the most favorable
Made 3 4 5mistakes too
How you gone sleep
When that
Me want the quality and the quantity
Sometimes ya taste sweet
Sometimes ya sour Dees
So flavorful, forever favorite
The sky the limit me feel
I love your cooking and ya soul
Love your movement plus ya demeanor
Swear to god you could pack a crowded theatre
And I'd go just for the chance
give you goosechills I could also make you shiver
I'm a 5'11" fire spitter (Facts) Whose calves killer
Come see me for real The real flavorful thriller!
double all that I won't paper my chips 
I say money is a weapon so I paper my clips 
Young fly Filipino on a flavorful tip 

Scary money don't make no
part of you
Find out the taste of you 
I bet its flavorful 
My apologies for being
A little vulgar 
Keep telling you 
I want that
Art sculpture yeah
grannies rocking in their chairs to this rap tune 
It's so hot an flavorful you need a bowl and a spoon
But sip it I'm saved to be honest it feels terrific
flowers but I never pick 'em 
We don't interfere with the nature 
Yo these flows been flavorful, slick raps from the savior 
Like what you really know bout
debatable, probably the most hated one
Shit; I think I'm flavorful
I leave a taste in these bitches mouth
That they can't get out
Might be your Greatest
She's amazingly dressed
Her texture's got a flavorful zest
Steaming hot and so Tomatoey fresh
And I'm not talking about grandma, but her gravy's the best

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