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my words
On your Saxon ears don't grate
But I wouldn't know a single word to say
If I flattened all the vowels
And threw the 'R' away

Some days I
the countdown
And I'm counting down the hours til you're near

Cos I've been knocked out, flattened on the floor
Begging you for more and more
Oh I've been struck
Gridlock state of mind

Violent nature, dark magic
Parking structures all flattened 
Auto savior, rook-player
Violent nature, dark magic

Violent nature,
Niccas done flipped 
Bitches done lost they mind
Bitches done tripped 
Niccas done lost they mind

Boy you get flattened like pancake 
That chain you
To make the sky look like the Earth is flattened
I gotta get someone to sort this out, out for me
Out for me, out for me

Won't someone help me
So loud, it's the end of the line
You breed your kind
But you wasted your breath

Stampede, trapped into the ground
Stampede, flattened by
windshields smashed in 
Steal from me
You're going no where fast, shit 
Don't come in my sight 
Or it's going to be nighty night man
Doesnt it suck
bring that iron boy
Leave em flattened boy flatter than a iron board
Been a hotter boy on that master p bout it boy
Now get it ain't gotta push raw
slipped away with the wonders I've seen
Oh, and I've roved my rover over
I've flattened her gales, I've rolled up her sails
Now she's left alone with
flattened by their jobs
Kill your darlings and let yourself go
Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, Freddie go
Daddy's got a rifle there to defend mommy's
I found a dead crow
It's flattened by a truck
A tiny little bird
Lying in the mud

My sanity faded
Not a man but beast
Humanity betrayed
By only my
dinosaurs to go extinct

We've been through forest being flattened
We've been through oceans drying up
We've been through earthquakes shaking continents that
I'm just a penny on the train track
Waitin' for my judgement day
Come on baby girl let me see those legs
Before I get flattened away

I wait
Yeah, I
the drive in the flattened s class
But I'm giving her the best class
And she gon ask me how much for the extras

Um, please don't try me
Slippin on ice it
addicted to the habit
Feels so good to nearly drown Ah, ah
Tried therapy
Flattened Peaks and valleys
Wanna break free
Try to change things
But I won’t
I know
they took the trap route
Like everybody wanna trap now
Oh everybody wanna rap now
You come around, get flattened down
My circle round, keep it small,
Tell them to look both ways before they do anything
Crushed for all convenience's sake
Leaving bodies flattened in their wake
Tell them to look both ways
the times will change

Resonating sound over the pond
Echoing mountains and flattened valleys 
Resonating sounds in my head, resonating sounds in my dreams
Linger for ages
Wrote a confession 
She ripped out the pages
She was a diva 
She flattened his fear
Lassoed the group with a hoop from her ear
So serene
Gran's quizine

Stupid blissful
Flags are burning
A flattened roach
And stomach churnin

They will steal your soul 
They will
Sight crawls beneath the couch
Room folds, one flattened face laid out

Six sided cubes collage into
A flattened view
Spheres converse as walls awake
anymore but I've never felt more complete
Because no matter what happens on the days I am flattened
You'll still be there babe, at the end of the week

fire to the sky
Everybody's going to die

Buildings all start to crash
Crumbling into ash
Sixty thousand smashed
Flattened in the blast

The feeling that hung in the air
As summer stopped
And it was only 

You and me here
Sunstroke, cheap beer
And a flattened pack of Mayfair
That I'd left in my

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