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bomb, TNT
New disease, poor city
A blinding flash hotter than the sun
Dead bodies lie across the path
The radiation colors the air
Finishing one by
Rainbow eyes, can you see me
I wanna walk the world in colors with you
Oh pretty rainbow eyes when you flash my way
Confetti and balloons it's a holiday
Every morning on every news flash
I hear the sorrow of the world
It seems like everybody's lost and
Scared trying to make sense of it all
When the gang sings go up
You see your life flash right before your eyes
And you know what
That's how it is on the west side
When them gang sings
the man of mystery
Your colors flash, they don't last, I know that they'll be changing so very soon
I'm looking for signs, point me to the clues
What did
a little shift in the way I view things 
Now I see what your true colors really are 


Every flash of inspiration 
Everything has changed
Deep sea swimming
Light is skimming
Waves of love and pain
Bubbles blue enhance my view
In misty morning rain
Softly sending
Colors bending
to right.
There's power in the night.
And the power surge,
Driven by the light!

Power! building up,
Power! all around you,
Power! you feel it.
Suck it up, it's a new sensation
He's a 21st century man
Hooked on into the new vibration
You can tell by shaking his hand
Feeling his head
flash my pastel colors by the rail
On a windy day at Pimlico
Don't want to write songs with this clown they set me up with
In a Los Angeles rehearsal
Every morning on every news flash
I hear the sorrow of the world
It seems like everybody's lost and
Scared trying to make sense of it all
As they go in for the kill

Screams color the night, blood colors the street
And those that can love keep warm by creating more heat
And it just seems by now
I could have found somebody new
But I can't get a thought in edgewise
That's reminding me of you

I see a flash of light
Neuron flash in fifty watts pinpointing to the streetlight limbo.
Told me it was chemistry why I behave like this.
Why I move in misdirected
collar, and the color isn't mine
White lines on the dresser, and you even drank my wine
Babe your face is flushed
It's more than just a hunch
Tell me
Emptiness became my house
Black cracked sight my line to life
I dreamt of angels and lightning flash
And cool, cool rain to wash my mind
Crimson was the color of the sky that day
A sudden flash try to shakes me
Was someone singing in a dream
I could not understand the voices
if anyone should ask
I was blinded by the flash and the cold hard cash
And the tempting situation but it wasn't enough
So you can keep your dinner
word, nigga
Someone who stays high
Watching their life go by
Someone content with riding it behind, nigga

They come in all colors, white, black, Puerto
and Lisa Raye's complexion
can step up to the foul line for an AIDS test
My jewelry like big trucks
I don't care if you flash your Milwaukee Bucks

Paint splashes over your conscious like canvas
Colors jump out of the body to form branches
Psychedelic images flash like avalanches
Illustrate skill

She saw shooting stars flash by
The moon exploded in the sky
Her heart flipped when they kissed
Star dust on her lips
Special pact in
but my momma say he phony
I’m giving her the look like “yeah right, that’s my homie”
Years past by made my money grew bigger
Now these niggas in your
a king beneath the sea
Let's see you get by underwater as well as I do on the ground
I am Aquaman and you better not mess around
There are days I swear I
would see that I'm you
Ready to

Guided by love and a flash light
Led by consuming desire for good ideas
Lighting the clock on the passport
It's not

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