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the mausoleum's fallen
And the perfect avenues
Will seem empty without you
And the pink light that bathes the great leaders
Is fading
By the time your sun is
Parted like a golden sea
Adrenaline rushes through me
Feels fast
Hope the moment lasts forever
In perfect pink and gold it contained you
to work

There's a railroad there and trains go by
And there's people locked in cattle cars
And have you noticed
The french fries at the A&W
pink and charcoal gray are the colors I painted this song
You were nineteen and perfect, baby, but no one stays perfect too long
All I wanted was you
to that little pink machine
Our relationship is not as healthy as it seems
'Cause our love is being kept alive by artificial means''

Oh, Johnny went down
Verse 1:

Now we're back in 1984
He's waiting by the door
She's all dressed up for the perfect night
Oh and he's bad
But you know she doesn't care
She's my punk rock girl
Pink hair, dressed in black
She's my punk rock girl
My beloved girl

When I saw you for the first time
You were with
The crown on my head is heavy on me
They wouldn't know it
'Cause they don't wanna see

The skin on my face is turning bright pink
As I walk by
a shadow
Here by my side

He's the shadowman
The shadowman
Calling around at 3am
Seems he wants me back again
Says we are a perfect fit
Then puts me
Rainbow eyes, rainbow eyes
You paint the world with your love
Rainbow skies, up above

Lavender sunsets silver pink clouds
(? ? ? ) avenue
Ever green
You are safe from harm on the grid
You are safe from harm

This is the dream that I wake up dreaming
Lovin' my lover under dawn-pink skies
much nourished by modern love,
Will you come into my life
With your sorrow and your black carriages,
And your perfect

Queen Victoria,
Enter Madam X painted in a shocking pink spangled dress
Her teeth are perfect but her mouth is loose
Rubbing their hands together she persuades them
like anything, everything
That's been weighing on me
Falls by the wayside
When I'm with You
I love being with You

I smile when You say my name
Cause no
would have barked
In a pink bikini by the lake
Her perfect body lay to bake

No risk, no pain
And I must have blocked her sun away
Cold ice came flyin'
(Music: Dannov)

The lighting is perfect, the cameras are set
Make up and wardrobe are nearly finished
Talent is rehearsed, crowd fluffed, ready
Living life in shades of fluorescent pink
Your pills, your pens your bottles of ink
Your azure was green by 6:30
God bless the black and blue
worse than it was (nooo)
Playin marbles (playin marbles) hit by a bus (hit by a bus)
Death is sweet (death is sweet) hell sucks (sucker)
Damien probably
nourished by modern love,
Will you come into my life
With your sorrow and your black carriages,
And your perfect

Queen Victoria,
know that you'll soon go crazy just like a whittling stick
hit by the coming daylight cut up in a quick succession
a pointed confession really
Another perfect day
They keep piling up
I got happiness
That I can't maintain so beginner's luck

I had shoes to fill
Walkin' barefoot now
the quiet

When February rains I've gone another year
Chasing perfect poems and trying them in your ear
But I'm losing the will to chase them anymore
the Buddha
Bring on the dancin' girls with long curls
Interlaced with lotus blossoms of pink purple and pearl
Enjoy your feast of drink and slaughtered
a small Midwestern town
By a charming and eccentric loving father
She was praised as the perfect teenage girl
And everyone thought highly of her
And she
circles on my ankle
Perfect and pink in permanent ink
The beautiful wounds that will keep me, you and this moment forever linked
To remind me when I fail

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