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Fixate on you
I don't debate with you
I look a way for you
Team player
I lose a way for you
Look amazed for you
Celebrate with you
Team player
too late to fixate
On that instead

My wife takes a vacation
One she can't afford
I go fishing the alleys
For someone to escort
No, I don't mind
about problems
My own decisions 
Gaze it by the

We stare each other with nothing to say
Though what we're saying start to fixate

Fixations, my
Fixate my eyes to the tv scream

Treasurize this entertainment now! 
By public demand we work for this pleasure. 

Mesmerize my god mesmerize my blood
Which bitch, you know made a million off a mixtape?
That was just a keepsake, bought the president
The Louis presidential briefcase, never been
y'all on Drake's sh-t, told y'all to fixate
Bitches want my old sh-t, buy my old mixtape
I ain't fuckin' with you bum bitches no more
Always in the club
ghost, my god, there goes my monster

Ghouls and saints and phantoms and what are we afraid of
New fixates on human beings take off
Looking straight,
they sing when it hits and how it fixates, 
my average through the roof but still grainy as mixtapes,
And po-9 see me the same as who standing next
Fixate on the frailty

We lie awake and watch it grow
She hesitates to grab a hold
Her body shakes, her breath is cold
To keep her safe is all I know
I don't like my country, it's more of an addiction
The way girls fixate and pour over lip gloss
I'm hard to love, I make idiot jokes
But those
the mine, behind everything shared
Fixate my sickness as long as there's air
Headstrong I'll forcibly change what was there

By focusing closer
Live your life in a way that makes you think that life is supposed to be this way
Fixate the pain, the joy, the life you crave on better things
Struggling, stumble in, this shouldn't be this hard
Fluorescent, four seconds in, this is a mistake
Imaginary line on the floor for me to fixate
Headed straight
You say you like when I play guitar, play guitar looking forward
You're not here for long, I don't fixate on the facts
Love for you so strong, I
tell him pick a side 
Can't tell the difference I've been twisted they've been tricking eyes 
To see the fiction and fixate upon the fickle minds


If this is all they'll let us have, this world of seething hate,

A new technology next big thing, lies we all fixate
What does your mind fixate on, oh empty one?
You are perverse, a voice forgotten
By the universe
No words you utter, no regrets to swallow
You are
My pupils dilate
My body aches for you

The sweat on my skin
You finding me out
But I’m already in

In your orbit
In your gaze
In your
Elon Musk?
Or cut off and ground up like an elephant's tusk?
Why do I fixate on such irrelevant stuff?
Why do I find every day life so tough?

What's up?
I wonder what was in my head
To spill over into the words I said
Can't help but think you read my mind
You were all I used to fixate on

Ooh Aah
I fixate on you
Oh if only you knew
The power that you hold
To get under my skin and take control

Strangers, just strangers
How strange this

so deep for you

Verse 2:
Wishing you could change fate
Baby do your worst, it's a curse
That I can't break

You don't need to fixate
Maybe we should
Look down in the dirt and they're feeding
Pleasant indecent manners
But they'll eventually fixate on you
Wanna run but the trembling
Glued down

All the long corona days 
of slow delays 
my mind becomes a maze 
such a haze 

endless empty days
i fixate 
into this non existing state


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