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business! And the simple fact
Of it all is that we are BONDED by the First Amendment! We have the
Freedom of EXPRESSION! We have the freedom of CHOICE!
we are BONDED by the First Amendment!  We have the
freedom of EXPRESSION!  We have the freedom of CHOICE!  And you,
Chinese, black, green, purple, Jew,
I know it'll need to go from good to worse
Living in the past begins the ending first
All I want is a horizon line
Get some clarity following
I've gone through life pretending
That time will change the ending
I've gone through life pretending
That time will change the ending

love never ending
You're always welcome at the table of grace

So let the first become the last
Let the poor put kings to shame
Their willing hearts will
A corner table
You breezed by
I threw a glance
And you caught my eye
I've never seen your face before
But I say the light for sure

I knew I
And I try to get by

who's leaving whom
Who's the fool
Right now I am
In between sheets we repeat
Our first love, last rites

truthful all endings
Everything that ever was, and all that there will ever be
Flesh and blood and stick and stone, all is laid to waste by me
I crush you as I would
understand why.
Ending the game is like changing the name of your favorite song.
Step out of rhyme for the very first time and the song is gone.
Down by the riverside on a warm summer night
We gave into passion for the very first time
We fumbled with love 'til we got it right
And we found
the place
Where we shared an embrace
For the very first time

Yes, the rock still stands
On the soft soft sands
And it's more than my heart can bear
Shall I wake or shall I sleep?
With dreams so warm so soft so deep.
A never ending tale enhanced.
A never ending thought...
Started a dangerous game that's not won by
The person who made the first move
Chose to be targeted by all those eyes
And now, some of you think
I got a better punishment for these Republicans
I'd let 'em live so they can see us overthrow the government
Let's fuck with them, have the first
Inspired by pale skin, torment and death
Slowly cold blade sinks deep into chest
Bloodstreaked vomit gushes from mouth
Body still wriggles as cold
Absolution, salvation, my sins won't leave me be
The first cry, the last breath
We are born to die
This madness never ending
Don't know the reason why
Go now, don't look back, we've drawn the line
Move on, it's no good to go back in time

I'll never find another girl like you, for happy endings it
as much 
As a touch 
Left by the last time 
The first time 
The first time

I want the last time to be like
Like the first time

Well, you know
of the airwaves and into the spotlight
She can't make it right
There's got to be some way to bring back her first sight

Day to night
Never ending fight
First his obsession seizing my brain
Starting in passion, ending in pain
I start to shiver, then I'm on fire
Then I'm a quiver with seething desire
and string.
The killing comes first.
The killing comes first.
Letting the ending melt barren land
With that one thing can't understand.
Relive nothing
your smile and face walk through that door,
Every second that goes by I just love you more and more.

Cause I still, I feel the same way,
Sarah here I stand while the sun is going down
Looking by the window for the stars that made us meet
For you I used to carry the never ending light
Mirror in the first light
Leaves of shadow
Slowly fade
Wake up every morning
Find your treasures
By your side
No stain in your existence
Between those longing looks,
Compounded by our fear,
My tongue inside her ear,
My tongue inside her
In the basement of her mother's