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later and a pat on the shoulder
And by midnight, they're back on the street

They walk to the corner of 4th street and Broadway
Then take the first
timepiece will make it all right
Sing songs of the mountains, Cowboy's Delight

By Bob Carpenter and David Holster
(words and music by david palmer)

Grey the mist --- cold the dawn;
Cruel the sea and stern the shore.
Brave the man who sets his course
For albion.
David Hinds

Blessed Is The Man That Walketh Not
In The Council Of The Ungodly

His mercy endureth forever
To turn my back on JAH
I will never never
I have a picture of Esther and David
She is a young bride and he is a soldier
They didn't know then that David was dying
They wouldn't have
name of Richard Dobson who had a novel he'd never finish
That's when Johnny Rodrigues, David Olney and Steve Earle first came through
And every other
make you a star
(transcribed by David )
By David Allan Coe

Dedicated to Dr. Martin Scheid who saved my life when my appendix busted in Houston, and to all the people who came to my last
who didn't get killed
Christmas addicts

The first blast and peace to the rich lady
Purse snatcher shot in the back
I know your hunger, kid
I know
someone there's where Christ was born 
I wonder if he looked like our baby looked on that first morn 

And then I really felt the Christmas spirit 
thinking that I didn't
Deserve to be born in the first place cause of my pigment

Dark than the Caucasoid complexion kind of different
On a Harley David
There's a melody that passes through this town

Words and Music by David Mallett
an Eagle & the Lion

The first was known as magic
And he bore an enchanted heart
A Star of David upon his crest
Was his eternal mark

The second was
on that first morn 
And then I really felt the Christmas spirit 
From a businessman in the Holy Land as a sidewalk souvenirshop 
I bought a little Bible
And life drifts slowly by in the provinces

Peter Foster goes to Gloucester for his first school day
Bites his teacher, sees a preacher and is taught
who didn't get killed, Christmas addicts
The first blast and peace to the rich lady
Purse snatcher shot in the back

I know your hunger, kid, I know
I'm a stay down till these bitches put a nigga in the ground)

[Verse 1: David Banner]
I remember those days I was broke and a bitch barely up
comin' by and by
I'm jailed on this long road here with you
We still gotta long way, we still gotta long way to go
The first time I set eyes on you
and never leave the ground, If I had a mind to

Fly through the eye of a hurricane, freeze my body like David Blaine
Be the first to find life on Mars, go
by the Abbot
Blood related king to King David's mighty men
I appear in the atmosphere like nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon
helium, xenon,
by a mile
Because my little baby loves me cadirac style

I remember the first night we started datin'
Both of her pupils were dilatin'
And in
I ain't tripping off no pussy
Freeband Gang

I'm ridin' first class flights on these pussy niggas
I just found that was yo wife I got that pussy
the morning,
Darkness fills my fathers heart. 

A distraught David calls at Kathy's house.
"Mrs Wilson something's wrong with Kathy." 
"Don't be silly David
and Chucky up in stopped goin' a two man lady bug
David Lewis June 4th Chris Tall you and Keith Robinson
Bozo and me, Circuit Los and with it Antwon 
One day you'll learn when you get burned
By then it will be too late you ya
Be too late for ya
When the fire spreads and burns, don't you know?

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