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Only sound she heard was (lovely word)
Fireworks like a charm (anointed)
Blazing red

She went down on a snow white pillow
To cast herself in
Words cannot describe
The twinkle in your eyes
The fireworks that happen
Inside my heart they're snappin'
I'm wishin' on a star to be with you
on you skin
Take me on your faris wheel
On the avenue
Let me take you by the hand
Cast a spell on you

I'm a roller coaster turning round
You look me up
Sickology 101 futuristic B-Boyz shit
Your first lesson given to you by (Mr. Smith!)
KC MO stand up, young niggas represent

Ey, ask me what I
you can't hear the silence
Even when it's there. Like the wind seen from the window,
Seeing it but not being touched by it.

Words sometimes