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firepower kills

Solo- Carroll

If you thought we knew by now

How this is all a waste

In a government lab

The best, the brightest

Are locked in an arms
atomic firepower
Gonna kill them all

Destroy all monsters
Screaming burning death from above
Destroy all monsters
Attack, attack, attack, attack, attack

Firepower final war
Heading for the infernal reign
Raining blood mushroom clouds
Rats, insects, vomit and agony

Ghettoblaster, nervegas, kill!

Walk up in the club firepower on us
Real deal OG gas bags on us
Migo gang my family so fuck how a nigga feel
Young nigga young nigga we real deal
to bomb me
Constantly armed the only DJ that can calm
Me is Constantly armed
My firepower keep me warm
I'm Constantly armed
And fuck the world til I'm gone
a saw I wore
I'm a kill 
When the rebel yells song that don't stop till it's done
See, I got guns, and I'm sick
See how you said meet me here, and I
don’t hide from my enemies
I kill all my enemies
You can’t even look at yourself how could you face me
How could you play me
My firepower’s too crazy
niggaz is tryin to kill me
Picturin pistols, spittin hollow points til they drill me
Keepin it real, and even if I do conceal
My criminal thoughts,
niggaz is tryin to kill me
Picturin pistols, spittin hollow points til they drill me
Keepin it real, and even if I do conceal
my criminal thoughts,
[Chorus 4X: Master P]
I won't stop 'til they feel me dawg
They can't knock a nigga hustle they gotta kill me dawg

[Master P]
You can find me
the flave
You know I love to misbehave
This ain't a maze
We'll leave you niggas dead in a daze

Follow me, tell me if you feel me
I think niggas is tryna kill
firepower at my side I write to you from this recon to hell Never had a chance Here we go kill kill kill  I was born to crush you Kill kill kill I was built
shutter, still gutter
I supply the dough that enables my goons to kill others
Later on we're going shopping for guerilla shit
Military SUVs, action movie,
from a soldier up to capitan
I'm really standing on the same level as balaika
But i ain't used to all this russian shit and firepower
I feel like
to act
And I kill a beat
They dont know how to react
Im making a track
And im pulling her tracks
Im proud an im black
And im beating her back out
In way
you hip-hop?
Shall I stop?
Nah, I think not.
I rip shop like parking tickets
Use sling shots to target bigots
Cause I don't really kill cops
I just want
and kill some s***
High shells and c***tails, rags on faces
A terrorist f***in' it up in chucks with fat laces
In my cutoffs I stand with triggery canon
Said, ?You don't gotta be loud, son, to be heavy as shit?

Well, I'm the triggerman, baby, tonight I'll prove
That this machine here, well, it kills
bustin' that janky..)

[verse 1: WC]
It's about fuckin' time
niggaz ta came up with some real shit
and start bustin'on you bitch niggaz and kill some shit
I'll kill it, I don't give a fuck (Travis talking)

Traded in my hollow words for jelly-filled verbs
And 5 pound pronouns and predicate, this is
Terrorist threats, terrorist threats

It's about fuckin' time, niggas to came up wit' some real shit
And start bustin' on you bitch niggas and kill some
and lockin us behind those doors
Smoking gun 5 closing economies for COVID deliberately kills future generations
Closing economies does not solve the pandemic
In the heart of battle, arise
The beasts, with sharpened teeth
Firepower to suffice
The maggots we are to meet
Your arse reeks... absinthe!
dominate the lesser being.
Natural superiority surfaces.
My claim requires no evidence, but backing of sheer firepower.

The epitome of pain, the rapist

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