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TUFF yeah that's tuff
Everyday I wake up feeling like a boss
People searching up my songs on firefox
Now I'm looking at the time & it's going tik tok
on her slope 

Hot Spot let me know 
Ill search your body like Firefox Google 
At your rescue like a firetruck 
She ready to blow 
Ill have you calling me
to tell,
And no I'm not talkin about no AOL,
I'm talkin about how Firefox saved me from browser hell,
While I was usin' Internet Explorer on my DSL,
missão alimente alma e coração, o mundo é cão... 
por isso leve um pouco de ração 

odeiam eu  fala de drogas mais afundam a napa 
pai ta Firefox com o
Anakin ničim star - star
Nahoru de rank - rank
Illerboys má crew - crew
Jedna za život - za život
My sme Safari - Safari
Vy ste Firefox - Firefox
wallet heavy dan weh pliers box
Yeah man, mi client hot
Dem try fi program me wid wire tap
Google and Firefox ah try fi find me
But me out ah Port
State of the he(art)
Open box
All the germs that evolve
Ahh ooo
Forest green
Charlie Sheen
It's all what it seems
jeg kan selv søge på nettet, har firefox som browser
der står en masse ting, og de ting dem ved jeg meget om
inde på internettet kan man lære
Им нужен большой босс, бежевый роллс-ройс,
У меня кенты долбают в вену, тянут кокс в нос.

Вырос, где послушные домашние мальчики,
Через год все
Seen everything but we don't know shit
We keep every cent and we never grow rich
Wish my innocence wasn't burned by Firefox
Need to know how they fuck
jukebox ma sul motore di firefox 
Amo il doc il super stock la marijuana il super smog
Chi non crede è sotto shok sono il basso dentro il rock
Spreco il
the hot grease at your momma's spot
Every song I upload is fire hot
Can only upload the junk in Firefox
Your boy is flier
Then the ducks in the winter
prolly use Firefox
White shirt colors on that, that's the tie dye
I be kickin' shit like I’m a Samurai
Numb the stress, comprehend so you get high
thing in the broad daylight, you do your's on Safari & Firefox
Shit, Ion't talk
Crook with a crooked smile, and a J in the middle like Michael Fox
Firefox shit damn
Security at watch the way I lock shit down
100 Thousand painting at auction, damn
I swear to god I had yo back 
Tried to keep my shit in
exemple tous les mois
On fait des meet-ups techniques (Oui bon ok c'est vrai...)
C'est rempli d'asociaux, que des geeks

Chrome, Firefox ou IE
Fuck it my future is brighterThan any firefox 
I'll triumph 
Ascend  on you all
Fuck it my Luther is silent
The activist in me 
Making sure I don't fall
to set the tone
Firefox, Safari, I'ma hit you with the Chrome
Man you know I'm playin, ay these guns I don't promote
But if you give me trouble then my
is onbekend
Dat is wat mij trekt jij weet ik ben next
Je chick plat surf ieks Firefox
Ik ben met Manish A.K.A. Virox
Doe dat is
the hour teaches
Devour creatures who cower speechless
Paradox, firefox navigator
Capt the data to the jaws of the alligator
Escape from your captor, world
power preaches
Te hand from the tower reaches, the hour teaches
Devour creatures who cower speechless
Paradox, firefox navigator
Capt the data to the jaws
the DOS
Wait a minute some wires are crossed
No I know I don't recall installin' firefox
Now the Admin stat locked and the backup got lost
Paradox solved
Murphy, Kate Libby, Lord Nikon.
And rest in peace Razor and Blade.
We'd like to thank Rocko's Modern Life. Bumba and Jaye. CSI Miami. Mozilla Firefox.
de'aaron fox
J'trouve tout en elle comme dans Firefox
Mais j'crois qu'au final j'vais juste la fuck boy
Maman m'as dis de pas briser le coeur des gens car

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