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Of everyone's life 
She was the catch at 
Everyone's parties 
She was the one with a tongue 
Like a knife 

Her bosoms curved perfectly 
Lit by the fire
on me

Once I was your hearts desire
Now I am the ape hunkered by the fire
With my knuckles dragging through the mire
You float by so
right here Fire Marshall, verbal pair of pliers I pry apart you
Lump on your head designed by a bar stool
Designed by a cartoon
Before I need to be
life and times, deadly like the virus design 
But too, minute to dilute, the science is mine 

You can't party your life away 
Drink your life away
Red as comin' home, red as poppies, fire and pain,
Red as you and she, red as ecstasy, red as racing cars,
Clinic cards, nirvana, red as a rose,
to fuckin' be quiet
Probably gotta be 'bout as high as the Jolly Green Giant
After he's fallen in pollen next to a killer bee hive colony tryin' to sneak by it
and I carried a big knife" 
Every day is a chase, every day is a race 
And every day you're being overpowered by my bass 
Too much juice to be a deuce,
a dime//
Groupie love, fake friends, and world tours  what i got with these rhymes//
You pull a gun? i pull a knife there's no stopping this guy//
Or break
reverse, the sharpening wing of the edge of a sparrow, for suitable reckonings too numerous to mention, as the queen is fat she is devoured by rats there is
As the queen is
Fat she is devoured by rats there is one way to skin a cat or poison a
Rat it is hetero four
Hear to three forthirightly stated.

know it's as sharp as a knife
It's just a day in the life, it's just a day in the life

It's just a day in the life (of three black men)
It's just
Yo, we're holdin' straps of fire to make gunmen retire
Or pisteens slugs that penetrated your entire
Physical, that left niggaz critical
And when it's time to refuel 
Lord Jamar jump in the car, say "Back to the Rule" 
It's like that y'all, you know it's as sharp as a knife 
It's just a day
I make my own price, murder your team with only one knife
Stabbed my ex-girl because she couldn't make me cum twice
{It's dumb right}
Same reason I