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The first law: When (one) him finds (oneself) himself in a hole of one's own digging is stop digging
The second law: When someone you dig stops
we've walked and miles we talked have been
The first time I am not alone in my head
By itself, oneself, can't find where it began

The dust you'll
starts within you

In this search for I and I the truth is always deep inside
(Reversal of oneself finding the truth)

This is the quest of life
We must
One looks for happiness
One longs to find a partner
One knows that nowadays
One love will be the answer

One sees a crazy world
One needs
& sin, will never win
Peace & love, will rise us up above
Life or death, depends upon oneself
Heaven and hell

Wicked man, find peace of mind
losing oneself
Spiralling down, feeling the walls closing in
A journey to find the answers inside our illusive mind
any room you're ever in
I'm stubborn, selfish and too old

I sat you down and told you how
The truest love that's ever found is for oneself
I was taught to find the answers on my own
Brought up by punk, taught to question all and break the mold
All you have in life is everything you hold
the temptations of the world
Maintain your mind, see

Is it the drugs? Is it the men? Is it the money? Is it the fame?
Do not need all this to find myself
our souls
Deception of fame
Vengeance of war
Lives torn apart
Losing oneself
Spiraling down
Feeling the walls closing in
A journey to find
a child before
From what I hear though it's somethin magical for sure
Some in the know have told me it's like, no other rush
To feel oneself willing

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