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a matter of love into hate
Mistakes - I want to make my final escape
My final escape
Mayday Mayday Mayday Mayday

I was born a Taurus, and not
Pony before the cart. 
I'll be pounce pony. 
This ceremony 
Only fills my heart. 

Who cast the final stone? 
Who threw the crushing blow
They blew it all away
Future world
Tonight we're riding on
The final escape

Is it heaven
Is it hell
Is it the afterworld
Or just something else
Night falls and I'm taken by sleep
Hot air blows up balloons in my dreams
Ding-dong rings the bell
Something's at the door
So I put on my
held in grace
As we take the final step

Obsessed with our love
Here is our fate
To need the final call
On this special winter day
A message
A life in terror in a landscape cursed by hate
Where people fear each other and seal each other's fate
The most self-destructive creature has been
gone forever
Say goodbye to the sky
Bound by time, enter the ride
Absently, I will be

Motivate fortune
Can't escape from the arms of death
thus, I learned the secret 
Of the Shifting, whispering sands
How I managed to escape from the valley I do not know 
But now to pay my final debt for
In nights cold and grim
The graves open up
Lifeless cadavers roam the earth
To take their revenge
Tormented souls without hope
No possible escape
Breathing human toxins within this grave 
Stand against
Stand against the winds of this final blow to caressing 
Bleeding the saddest lies
All that you will find
Weakness by corruption

Pollution of the mind
Death by my say... cruel
No mercy by me  
Immolate fate so cold
all those who resist
Begging, Crying, Gasping, Crawling
No one here escapes their fate, begging for their final breath they die

Their cities burn
As unknown powers, are unleashed upon mankind

Unleashed upon mankind

Running - in search of safety
No escape - from [the] deadly wrath
Screaming - you
And the darkness finds me
Help me escape tonight 
Oh, I must find Azrael

I am the darkness
Hiding within your mind
Walking beside you

I lock the gates
I follow my calling, the voice that beckons me

My legacy is rebellious chaos, a seed of hope is growing
As my final dusk ends in blood
By any
calls off the search
Accepts her fate
Sits by the window no will to escape

Stay, stay
Right where you are
While death waits outside your door
They blew it all away
Future world
Tonight we're riding on
The final escape

Is it heaven
Is it hell
Is it the afterworld
Or just something else
of your fate
Be all that you sow there is war in the shadows I am the master of hate
Delivering the final blow!
We the people shall destroy!
The whore
Dark's the realm evil attacks
Deep in the maze my minds in a haze
I'm loosing my sense of reality
Will I escape this horrible fate
Whispers of death
The prowling demons side by side
The final proof that death is life
The reapers army built to kill a tragic return to our world
I can see the terror
There's no escape, no return
I'm the final destination
Where your soul will burn
Nothing lasts forever
But judging by the weather
I'm starting to get a sick feeling that it might
And I don't want to fight you anymore Benjamin
stones to the bottom
Not once a white man's fate

One final escape
Deported into the deep
Three hundred sixty-six
Too many heroes for the hull to keep
to fate, and get that ass shaking
I'm busting and making motherfuckers panic
Don't take your life for granted put that ass in the dirt
You swear the bitch
the final chance

Within the gates - you will tempt fate - you must beware!


Walk towards the fading light (alone)
Wide-eyed seek the dead

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