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the only girl I'll ever love
And I'd do anything not to give you up
If I could only stop the world
When you're standing by my side
See I'm having the time
This wasn't only fun to do, but also created a "ask a question" and "give an answer" vibe to the various verses. On the last verse, of course, the tracks
to keep a pistol
If I did shoot, I'd shoot to kill
Talk is talk and that's cheap to me
But nobody really know what I do for real
I am what I always
Everybody out here wanna be hustlers, man
Buit they dont have any idea what I used to do
I used to do anything imaginable
A nigga like me was scared
handles unlocked, shouldn't be that easy to do this
You don't plan for intruders before hand?
Surprised to see me? Cat got your tongue?
Gag, chloroform
possessed thorough 
The astonishing mission, dishing pain
Fishing in brains, plain lynching niggas bitchin'
So take a ride, I'd abide by my rules
what am I write, simple I can do this
Like Popeye to Brutus, I’m your host like a stewardess
Fly with the neighborhood hi-jackin' fella
So prepare for
change my ways.
And it's a part of you, I never wanna lose.
I'll do anything you want me to.
Like any other day, I know I'll find a way
And if ever I'm
Nummer eins
Siehst du rot, wie Heinz und sperrst ihn ein
Quälst ihn mit Simple Minds, bis er weint

Das ist Liebe, das ist Liebe, das ist Liebe, das