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Fill her up, fill her up
Keep it coming, keep it coming
Never let it stop 

We staggered from the restaurant feeling in the pink
I slipped
My little one as the years go by
There may be times when your heart will cry
And if your in need of a word of cheer
You can always turn to me
I pray for the love
That`s fallen from grace
The tears left behind
Won`t wash from my face

I`m left with all these feelings
But nothing fills
the world
That is destined to die

When I look at the world it fills me with sorrow
Little children today really suffer tomorrow
Oh what a shame, what
weaving her a paper castle

Where dancing clowns with tassels made of fur

Welcome her into their world

That lives inside the dreams

Of every
I pray for the love
That's fallen from grace
The tears left behind
Won't wash from my face
I'm left with all these feelings
But nothing fills
and the highway in-between bright
I'm feeling so alone in the darkness of my night.
Riding feathered wings to make like I'm a dove
Oft I've heard the world as it
Pay attention, are you listening?
You're my favorite girl.
Excuse me for the moment.
I'm in another world.
(On a mountain,) by a fountain.
With just words and just music,
Capture the feeling that my earth is somebody’s ceiling
Can I deliver in sound
The weight of the ground
from a TV screen.
When I open my eyes I want to drink my fill 
From the well on the hill,
Do you know what I mean?

Shed a little light, oh Lord,
inside of me
It's a rotting sick that I don't need
To prevent your interrogation
I can believe I'm saying this
I'll live with my regrets
I'll die by
an echo in my ear sounding like your voice, a feeling that fills any empty room. You had a minute with my heart and I live it every day 'cause when you
I realize this world was made for two, like me and you
With you by my side, everything's fine
There ain't no mountain, sugar, we can't climb

me smile
Everytime I'm looking in her face
And everytime she leaves my world's
Just a little bit colder
So baby with all that you've given to me
No one is bulletproof

And I'll eat the skins of my brothers
Yellow pastor bones will make a perfect wall
Gonna fill in the cracks of these feelings
I see her sailing on her silver wings
With hands that move like little trees
Alive and bending in my raging storm
To a heartbeat, my lady lives for
dogs?.humping dogs?stickin? that thing in any crack that passes by??..
Dirt falling in my mind, ..dirt gets stuck in my mouth, dirt gets stuck in my eyes?
And the autumn is passing by
Then the world will sink in silence
And I think we all should try

Oh, I wanna live my life in a fairy tale
Well I felt like I was born today
So I took it upon me to go away
To gather my thoughts and go away
Where I could (be used by) somebody

ain't wasted
Once they have entered my world

I creep by moonlight
I hide when the sun starts to rise
I sleep with the dead things
I have holes
my head, yeah
Over my head, ooh
Over my head

Little girl, I was so mistaken
Thought that you were my friend
In a world that is full of hatin'
all forgotten
Is tomorrow's loud reply

Why I live on
In my darkest doom
The sky awoke the sun
But the light escaped the womb

Well, I get by
With what
The good once there is just dying
So I'm withering away and I'ma trigger when I spray
And I'm attacking everybody till the feeling's gone!

All my life I
live in denial
The needle is reality

Weightless painless numbness shameless

Lying on the floor
I don't even care
Feeling so useless
Only one
on a river and as wild as a straw in the wind
But you came along and just by being you made me feel like a woman again
(Every minute that I may live)

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