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these years I find I've just been wasting my time
So I just think I'll take ol' Charley Pride put him on a Southbound freight and ride
And go on back
the profits went astray
The money never crossed their palms or let them have their say
Are we sometimes bound by pride
Too mindful of our hopes
the pain
So just believe and let the seasons change

I see a farmer in his field at dusk
With joy he bring a harvest in
The pride he feels
Is in the one he
pride in everything I've got
'Cause I'm American born
And Country by the grace of God!

We bulid a world of dreams on a big 'ol piece of land
ever lose your pride 

Then I realize that I will dream of you tonight 
Shadows fold out like blankets on the ground

Run run rabbit run 
One chance, this night
To shine on this land
This time, with pride

Give back now while you can
All these fields, that once were green
Have turned
years of track
Two hundred years of glory never to turn back
The train is called America your ticket is a dream
That left the torture of freedom for
We are consumed by corruption
Old before our time
Hurt by others' hunger
Scarred by love as greed (how I need)
How cruel the birthday of 17
of a glorious ride
She feels the falcon's pride

I will bring this dream to you believe
I will lead you everywhere


Is it stardust of time
There is no escape in the waking world from that which is approaching us fast
Salvation is drawn from our childhoos dreams
In lands of beauty untainted by
every song

Yeah, we only want to sing when we want to
Yeah, we only want a dream we can flaunt to
Yeah, we only want to fly by the side, making love
feeding her dreams
Now she's a loner, now she's a stoner, no one can touch her

He was the boy, the pride of his mother,
Stainless and shining, all
And fight like it was after school
Never giving up, steady, standing on the battle field
Feet firm to the ground like I stepped on Chapel Hill
north to reminisce
Remember what it was like pretending to be a kid
Late at night I walked the fields and lurk in the shadows
Getting even with life by
makin it happen 
Bitch check it, ya heard me 
Nigga back in the day i used to dream about fortune and fame 
Jump in the game and you
with you
First I get the money then I get the power
Joey crack twist the caps enemy's I devour

Yo it's only a dream 16 battin' Beamers and Benz's
armies of the Imperium assembled before the towering cyclopean walls of ancient Gul-Kothoth. It was some time before the billowing dust cloud raised by
with you
First I get the money then I get the power
Joey crack twist the caps enemy's I devour

Yo it's only a dream 16 battin' Beamers and Benz's
land as fields once green are ochre now.
This is no dream. Trees have turned to skeleton, roots teased and knotted just below the surface skin
talking on the radio
By god's grace soon see me on a screen
I never knew drive until I found me a dream
I never knew work until I found me a team

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