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and stammered, would I feel like staying
We fell to our knees, feverishly praying
the salt in the salt-peter seemed to be saying
Be brave, be brave.

Disenchanting the romantic. 
This is the real, this is the shame. 
These limbs search feverishly for the gift of gravity. 
Coarse twine tears
the undertow
But I lie, I'll just tell them it's the undertow
Off to a little bit of what could've been, a bit of love burning feverishly
Skip through
Corpses disinterred, graves disturbed
- To consume

Bereaved relatives are not amused
As on their dear departed I feverishly consume
Corpses disinterred, graves disturbed
- To consume

Bereaved relatives are not amused
As on their dear departed I feverishly consume
The fat boys are back, foam fingers over open arms
To feverishly reclaim their stomachs from golden jars
And stagger through the pulse ofthe gulch
carnage feed
Cadaver dogs rapidly bay and seethe
Canine, ulunating, feverishly inhaling
the scent of human debris

Indulgent lymphandetitis
The cycle of death exhausted well and truly played
A terminal malaise that you so feverishly savour
The lowest common puerile denominator
found the lexicon of Jesus-heavy literature fly,
Feverishly sponged up the information high,
Fade into the cradle of his same deck train wreck,
She pet
on the ship shape and bristol fashion snuck a jammy through the red tape and tip toe past him. Worm teeth grinding feverishly below, as little organic hacksaws
because you're standing close to me
I'm coming down with something feverishly
I think my body's in shock
It just don't know what to do
I feel my
to memorize my maniacal quotes
The funk coats your eardrums, Oaklands where we're from
The deviant, workin feverishly but easily
Eagerly awaiting your
wired like a weapon, I was dancin' like the Dirvish
When I woke up feverishly looking down at me

[Chorus: x4]

From the coveted Ark, To Noah in Asia

Piece by piece you are fed the chicest cuts
As the dinner-bell rings your bloody chops are feverishly licked
At the sight of your own roasted fat turned
baby flopped 
Caught in the industry, spending money feverishly
Now I'mve been robbed, I can't believe my laywers did this to me
Next album was filled up
to wrapping lies
It smelled and stank and attracted all the flies

While I was feverishly at my task,
I heard a husky voice that seemed to ask
"Do you
A fixation amplified, the smell here is what I like best.

Feverishly combing the buckets of waste, wrapping myself in the filth-ridden sheets. Raping
to the edge of imagination, open my eyes to phenomenon, and hope

Feverishly I explore
Searching for someone, there has to be more
I can't be the only one here
a predicted path in between
To walk the line into the womb

For a disappeared soothing bled-out call
My eyes are feverishly shifting
Getting slowly lost while
I see myself a hero
While one wings falls away
And the dial approaches zero
In a spiralling display.
My past life flashes feverishly,
And lives I did
drained so feverishly?
Fear carries a rather exquisite taste
I only take as much to leave you terrified
My victims Shall become my bounded disciples
come feverishly
They won't have to travel very far
Just enough time to speak
Without taking the blow
Put my hands on the steering wheel
For I am
masturbating feverishly to the rhythm of their prayers cumming on their infected bed sores
rectally bleeding I sodomize the elderly
spewing rapidly a bed pan

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