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movie around



The dream is always fixed ???
Sugar faceless when sweetness wakes ????
Yo yo

Les ennemis aiment trop ça, parlent mal mais ferment leur gueule d'vant le boss ah
Les ennemis aiment trop ça, parlent mal mais ferment
I've eternity to ferment
But knowing me I'd end up ripple
In a cellar of cheblis

Are you a small and lonely grape
Clutching to the vine
Waiting for
behind a burning red fog
the great mind swims in confusion
its blood ferments in anger
honor and wisdom will cower

your river's flow is damned
of henbane
Before their descent to the flames

And an evil descends from the heavens
And an evil ferments in the earth

The year waxing, the year
them to make you see

And there's affection to rent
The age of the understatement
Before the attraction ferments
Kiss me properly and pull me apart
and shelved 
All our regrets,
Let them ferment and came back to our senses,
Drove back home and slept a few days
Woke up and laughed at how stupid we used
Like ravens on a scarecrow
Too old to beat them off
The guilt ferments
Familiarity breeds contempt

The yolk of faith splatters silent
Harvest time,
them to make you see

And there's affection to rent
The age of the understatement
Before the attraction ferments
Kiss me properly and pull me apart
Extricating speed dial
Accidental voices traced
Workless construct ferments
Arrested nuclide
In the basement

we'll never understand the gout
at my distress
Trigger bent knee puncture through my back.
Suffocate my lungs as fear ferments
D'une bande magnétique
Un soupir lui échappe
Sur un écran géant ses yeux se ferment

Chercher le garçon
Trouver son nom
Chercher le garçon

Des flashes explosent
Dans la nuit noire,
Les collants roses
Et la jaguar.
Y a les lunettes grises
Qui ferment les yeux,
Tout le jour tu es loin de moi 
Mais lorsque tombe la nuit 
Que tu viens dormir près de moi 
J'oublie toute ma vie 
Quand se ferment sur notre
neural cells fatally quenched,
Drowning in spilt retention, hepatic tissue ferments.
Poisoned retention, with intoxication,
Inflamed nephrons burst, your
train s'en va déjà
Je cours, je cours, j'veux pas pleurer d'vant toi
Signal sonore
Les portes se ferment
Mais tes "je t'aime"
Résonnent encore
ferment there, collecting rust
Or did it just, did it do you in?
And did you lie awake, lost in it?
When there's no one there
Do you still fit, do you
Quand toutes les lumières s’éteignent 
Je pense à vous, où êtes vous? Moussa et Sam, Redouane 
Attendez moi! 

Aucune larmes n’a coulé 
We all ferment 
A face can change 
But souls stay young
We're all connected 
So take a journey with someone 
Learn to be as one

Still living,
a rush to become so fine
Ferment, grow old, live fast and die
With not a moment to spare
Time is of the essence, one step at a time
Don't fall from
Ils ferment les yeux tous les deux 
Ils disent "je t'aime" tout bas 
Et vivent un rêve merveilleux 
Monsieur et Madame sont heureux 
Il y a des
avant solidaire sanguinaire
Ton petit frère con, mais prospère chante Valérie

tes yeux doux se fondent au ciel
Quand les miens se ferment et dansent
dorment sur les bancs
Et parlent l'étranger
Les fenêtres souvent
Se ferment en riant
Se ferment en criant
Quand on y va chanter
Ah, je n'ose pas
ferments the rain
Conquistador invades their plain
They fucked the rich, took back their land
United as one now they stand
On their land,
Untied hands,

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