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I gotta get outta here.
Damn, I'm feigning.
I need it.
I want it.
I just can't sit here...

[Verse 1: Willie]
Lonely at the crib.
for you and I know that you'll be gone 
'Cause you're always feigning love 
'Cause you're always feigning love 
'Cause you're always feigning love
backwards (99, 98, 97)
And I'm just tryna get it every day
They feigning for the trappers and the rappers
They feigning for the trappers and the rappers
bitch shut it up
Rats up in the trap like my nigga ayo bitch shut it up

All my niggas demons
All my niggas fucking feigning (aye)
I might fucking pull up
Can't front, I'ma millionaire living like a king
Still feigning for that shrimp, fried rice and chicken wings
Still feigning for the vibe, only
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

I require privacy
I'm always thinking finally
Dreaming, feigning

Raised up over out my smoke, black paint
steaming, she's screaming,
She's she's screaming
She's feigning I redeem it
I get between it, like her, like her

Now hit me,
Now she's on fire,
She's she's screaming
She's feigning I redeem it
I get between it, like her, like her

Now hit me,
Now she's on fire,
Yeah, I leave her steamin', yeah
we out of sight
The basics mad feigning for the limelight 
The shades on dark because my future looking bright 

Future bright -cant see it  eyes be
Stitch me up I'm bleeding 

Why do I not feel a thing 

lately I been feigning 

i'm addicted to the pain 

Stuck in the deep end 

in the deep end

maze for all of my days
I'm feigning sensations. 
A thread in the dark: the most hopeful of marks
But it won't be salvation.

And I hear their steps,
Line of people to pass you by
Posing sympathy with its whitewash eyes
With the ladies feigning their mourning cries
And the men shaking hands:
blue heart,
Black eyes, feigning falling, words I won't forget.
I died right when I saw you while you shared that cigarette.

Oh I saw you every time
Through evidence of circumstance
You held me to a second chance
Feigning interest so sincere
Curse the days I've wasted here
All the words that
I refuse to see

Time will always be the thing that kills me truly
Open these eyes waking from a dream feigning

My lungs fill up with letdown
Smash him and the leeching clique

Feigning grin that pulls you in
Feigning grin that pulls you in
Golden hand shake on the take
Golden hand
then there'll be another scene
Like the one yesterday
When we say hello, we mean goodbye
Feigning paradise, wanting to cry
Love, all our passion I'm
To get you close to me
I'm winning
I want it to be yeaaaa
Feeling like I'm Crazy
Smoke in here is lazy
My mind is goin
That kurbside I stay teaming
Olympic Rings I stay feigning 
I got enemies for no reason

They know I’m the CEO
Better tell them boys to lay low
feel her filth 
Crawling through your veins
Eyes rolling to the back of your skull
Feigning so hard from her reign

Crooked lies 
Bloodshot eyes 

Hit my line 
If you need it 
Hit my line 
If you feigning
I'll give you good dick 
Leave that pussy shakin
Smoke this wood bitch 
You my Lil
a designer cat coming for me I got goons in bout every set
Young nigga plotting and scheming I'm feigning
So gone give that check up lil homie
You say you
a gentleman in training
Wait, wait
I'm a professional in feigning love
So go slow
Just go slow

Voluptuous and finely cut
What will it take to get you up
the feeling 
give me the reason 
head through the ceiling 
sky high I'm dreaming 
bring me down I'm feigning 
come around this evening 
stay until the morning

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