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To kill, is why I live
My God, gives eternal life
Slice you, I watch your blood flow
Rotten brains, I feed 'till I'm full
Pressure building,
us back from the darkness,
You can say He redeemed us,
Taught us that real leaders follow God,
Finish the work 'cuz we on our job
Taught us not to rob
strugglin', for the heat I lit the oven
One would by the CD, the other would do the dubbin'
Before I met Rob, I was in the clubs frontin'
Oh yeah I know
in beast mode
Live by the street code, where niggas take your shit like the repo'
The boys'll sell crack, to your mother if you're good (damn)
Enough to cop six, by the house on the beach
Supply the peeps with Jeeps
Brick a piece
Everybody gettin' cream
No one considered a leech
You'se will have the double juice duck, then I doubled up

To the double four, puddles pour from ya bum bot

Open swords can't be cured by the blood clot
Needs Of My One And Only Seed And If I Rob And Steal Let It 
Read In My Will " Payback From Tha Ones That Who Fell Victoms To My 
Guns" On Tha Run But
rhymes from me
You constantly keep me behind walls of concrete
Lock me in the basement like a fuckin zombie
If I was a priority
You'd acknowledge me
stressed up 
From my toes, to my neck up 
It's all out, I seen niggas cook up 
In a small house, with the dogs out 
I know all about it, drugs, money,
Shootin up clubs, airport drug trafficking.
He met his match, fuck around and rob the wrong Cat.
For a hundred and eighty G's the god want his cream
the minimum wage
That for I grabbed my gauge and got my ass paid
I got popped by a chink at the corner store
Stairing at me from the time I walked through
you get hit up, shot up good
We'll murk you in your hood

I'm El Patreno, Nas the God, you lose your life
Whether on the corner or clubs, I'm