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Divided we stand
Knuckle scraping pain
Unlocked and insecure
To be all open wounds

Down there I see you
No no, further
Feebly twinkling
Her clothes were thin and her feet were bare
And the snowflakes covered her head
Let me come in, she feebly said
Please give me a little bread
move and sway
When the wandering music dies
They hear him feebly say

"Oh huntsman, Rody, blow the horn
Make the hills reply
I cannot blow upon my
Will cross the narrow road that I feebly travel
But I will feel no danger for I'm never alone nor forsaken
With faith I shall look up and see a bridge
my profile
Hostile is the frame for my state of grace
so feebly a mental disorder
where reality is highly distorted
psychosis weak in the mind
castles in the sand
Blow the house down
Feebly we put our heads out of our foxy laire
We feel the chill from the night soare
Standing in the storm --
2 where are you now
Looking back at home and weeping
Cold and alone in the dark void
Winding down and bleeping
Ever dimmer ever thinner
An encloaking, dark epoch
In which all life is now appraised
Another valueless commodity
On which the paracious may feebly graze
Indebted homage
to my unprasable battle
a truly graceful one yet feebly fought
to my own sight of a rainbow
a pretty moment to be sadly told
with all the promises
the voracious feebly toil
Enamored of our own disease
We revel in our own grotesqueries

Dissecting ourselves to find nothing alive
Just a mass of perversely
Out of focus
Need to get a grip
So you don't slip
Into the realm
Of lifelessness
As you crawl through
The debris of the past

Feebly arise to one
minds subsidence 

Attempts failed feebly to create divisions in the movement 
For it was real, unmarketable, not the bullshit we were used to 
Yes we
her ball of broken stardust 
Heating and squeezed 
Glowing so feebly 
Ready to throw into my eyes 
Stealla blowout 
Dust pouring from the vacuum
The ring is getting heavy and so is the crown
Which she drags to the chair feebly to keep the swelling down
When the bird in the bush is worth two

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