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time to escape
Get on the train
And we can federate

Get on the train
No time to wait
Get on the train
It's time to escape
Get on the train
The world is
niggas yea they strapped up
Got them hundred round sticks with them case drums
Designer belts from the Netherlands
You know we be runnin from federates
Fools think they heavy weight
They never wait
Like a nigga tryin' to get pussy on the first date
They federate, whenever hate if you want to
Kill me in my
am a judge my verses go federate 

Bitch I been here
My whole life I been here
Ain't nobody wanna come and step up cause I live here
Bitch they made
a nigga in
All these nigga be yo friends
Until they turn federate
Most of the shit be evident
Act like it ain’t in evidence
Tryna cop some real estate
Imma be smart and juggle it
It's not a big back it's moderate
Fine girl come from the federate
If she have a man I eliminate
Really I'm
confederate, diamonds on diamonds
I went to the hills and I just wanna settle it
Don’t want to fuck on that bitch cause she Federate
I got my girl and she fuck
When I land
Operation federate secure the building
Shut down
I'm raising bars way higher then they ceiling
Of any church any building any land
Any water
crossroads silencing collective harmony
Hate will never win so let's change before love goes we could federate tribes I'm begging please

The facts are hard
fails, the misfits flee
Refuse to be their federate slaves
It's time to fulfill their destiny

St. Griffith Park Observatory
Midnight hour, a psychos
Regime Life

[Monsta Ganjah]
Regime the regiment
Worldwide confederates
Suspects and federates
Villains, killers and terrorists
Radicals individuals

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