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[Instrumental (Acoustic Guitar)]

What blew her like a leaf this way
Up in the air and down to earth
First she flusters then she frays
the middle road 
I been trying to find it 

Whenever God shines his light 
I put on my best sunglasses 
Whatever truth that shines through, for a moment I
acoustic: Rionda]

Tell me where is our pain
Tell me why does our friend
Smile when the rays light our song

Tell me when will arrive the day
Tell me when
bonin' out
Yeah you know it, Bobby told me before
Keep the heat by the side of the door 
Ready for military war
Numerous cats, niggas is uterus
I'm rich, in the coupe, take a pic
On the phone at the light, Kelly Rowland's a friend (yeah)
Catfish in the Benz, Manti Teo's a sucker
that everything just gets lost in there
And if it never comes out,? that?s ok by me..
And on other side, ??? the top there may light at the end
We were driving home slow
My lover and I, across the long Bay Bridge,
One February midnight, when midway
Over in the far left lane, I saw a strange