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never shows
Dark days, Dark nights
The storm is shaking my bones
Fearsome bolts cracks the sky
This is the thunder season

The streets are wet
in a bloody war
Meet yer dad and smell yer maw

Fannybaws! He's a fearsome pirate
Fannybaws! He's the scourge of the seas
Fannybaws! With the black
used to
You made me fearsome things that I ain't new to
You hate seeing me this way but it's what I'm used to
And my demons locked away, if only you knew
Repeat after me
Take this flesh and blood... my soul has never cried
Eye of human

I am no longer fearful, but fearsome
I throw off the burden of fear
I am
coming, fearsome creatures appear
Portal is open, adventurers have to prevail

Course of battle was already clear
But unknown adventurers appeared
Oh there's a war that's raging
And I'm attempting to keep
The enemy running from me
He's a fearsome fellow
Who demands all he sees
And pounces
and place, my fearsome name is hung
Just look around, whoa, yes

Nobody rules these streets at night but me
The Atomic Punk, ah


I am the ruler
and place, my fearsome name is hung
Just look around, whoa, yes

Nobody rules these streets at night but me
The Atomic Punk, ah


I am the ruler
thunderous waves
I will destroy Loki's child
Let him rot in the depths

You will perish

Fearsome beast
Dread the Thunder God

By my side is Hymir
She's my big scary monster 
The most fearsome in the land 
She's my big scary monster 
And I'm her biggest fan 
She's my big scary monster 
She's got
Welcome to the jungle of hearts
Welcome to fear and scars
We don't know what we do
When we're fearsome, hence cruel
So say welcome

Oh, tell me what
When away missing you constantly
On this song feel all my love
Put a ring on that finger
She's my Siberian Tiger
My fearsome warrior
Even better Lover
with a fearsome cry
Earth fracture and divide
Sleeper now rise

Blackened sun drifts through ashen night
Waning grey light
She stares blind into the sky
Helpless bees
Masturbating trees
In that Fearsome breeze

Sneaky Bastards Death Beam
Shot down that drone sheriff
Down lalalala land - down lala
Appreciate some more 
The task that takes forever
Makes me fearsome nevermore

Stuck between what happened yesterday
And I am governed by the words 
That I
In a far and distant country
Lived a strange and a fearsome beast
They said he killed the farmers' cattle
And laid waste to the farmers' fields
answer now, oh fearsome Jehovah?

Will you answer now?

Speak now and be heard

Your son, impaled on the cross

Here at the end of the world

What is
to the loins

Father of the furious legion of gods
I offer my sacrifice upon you
As fearsome as you are divine
God of war I honor thee

Ribs, lungs, intestines
would make it my own kingdom
If I was the king I'd be one who's hella fearsome
I don't wanna be the king learning that from my wisdom
I'd rather sneak in
The king is mad and you're as good as dead
Unless perhaps the Lord of Zion
Can convince the fearsome lion
To spare you and eat vegetables instead
come from a den full of lions don’t fuck with the kingdom
Causing the intimidation in ya, we fearsome
If you want war with us mothafucka I say come get
Paint a picture I thought I used to know
Hung above her daddy's sofa
Lay the fearsome tiger in the growth
81' is a picture of a tiger
And I wonder whose
with me
You’re sure to falter from the start
Much too kind you’ll fall apart
Remember to leave one shoulder cold
On fearsome flights through
of sight
You're a most fearsome hunter
It implores you to feed on only flesh and terror

You are famished but first attempt to scream
"I am not stranded here

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