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an illusion

Pinprick holes in a colorless sky
Let insipid figures of light pass by
The mighty light of ten thousand suns
Challenges infinity and is soon
The red-by-nines
Above the Rhine
The clouds gripped of the drifting mists
It was useless

[Chorus: x2]
And who over the ruins of his life
Nothing can prop us up
We're burning up
Red on red
Red on red
You kill me
Rip me apart, I'm willing
As long s I'm standing here
There is no fear
they should
And fear themselves, and fear they will (god is dead)
Fear the vengeance of a changing tide
Fear the gap in your conscience that’s ten
was spread
No houses or farm remains
No christian woman unraped
Their church consumed by flames

Their steel shines red
With enemy blood
It sings
Yo, this is the Ying Yang Twins with a ghetto service public announcement.

Red Line(3x)
Stay by yo self, by yo self

Choke by myself, drink by
of pain and fear 
Where the soldiers lay her back are the black Apache tears 

The young men the old men the guilty and the innocent 
Bled red blood
Was the captain of the team his senior year
In his eyes, on his helmet, he had no fear
Down by a six-ball on the ten
Said huddle up boys we’ve got
The falling leaves drift by the window 
The autumn leaves of red and gold 
I see your lips the summer kisses 
The sun burnt hand I used to hold
will listen

But yesterday my life was fading
With every reason to die
Ten miles to the north
As I rode my red horse
In the dying sun
And then
puncture through the night

You caught me in the tide
And I caught you
Sheltered by the night
Red In tooth and red in claw

You saw me In new light
And I saw
Born in Louisiana in a town called Franklin
I was fully matured by the time I reached the age of ten
A mulatto girl is what they called me
And us
[Repeat: x4]
Is anyone listening to the radio

I saw red I was angry 
I was screaming at the door
I saw red in your tail light
That's the last
The sun has set
All red and primitive above our heads
Blood stained on an ageless sky
Wipe your tears and let the salt stains dry
Ouch! We don't really need x 2
Yeah! No No

There's no time to beat around the BUSH
Now all the world is living in fear
The consequence a great
And we see only the expedition tortured by the release
Miss red is for fear
Miss red is for lust
Miss red is for everything I know you must want
If you
and confused, what you do is run, but Bonz might have a gun.
Shit, you're being kicked by Richie Rich.
Stunned and bleeding, you're looking sad, well you pressed
Red lights of betrayal, deceived again
Exposed by the light, true colors ascend

Take down the regime, break the trend
Bum rushed by your peers
hypnotize with your head
Chemical react surgery to your head
Eyeballs up all night turn red

Free yourself that leash is long long long [x4]

I was buried
I'll never lead you to harm
I'll never leave you to fear
I'll always be with you

Bound By Blood

If you wander alone
You'll never be by yourself
Down in the valley 
Where the Red River flows
Standing at a graveside 
By the bramble and the rose

We've come to bid a fond farewell
In this

I don’t believe anymore
I don’t believe anymore

Raised by wolves
Stronger than fear
Raised by wolves
We were raised by wolves
Raised by wolves
I'll wear the red dress tonight
You will reel your heart in tight
You can have the upper hand and I'll pretend to understand
Why, it came to this
[Repeat x3] 
I don't want to let them hypnotize me [Repeat x2] 

Fear awaken 
Go with it now 
And let it overcome you 
Fear awaken 
Your mind is
We let it burn out, we're caught in the rain
Rain rain [x8]

But I got this red lighter, red lighter
Red lighter, red lighter

All these sparks

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