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knows he won't be saved
The boiling blood of hell begins to burn through his veins
So aware of his destiny he suddenly became
The holy one he worshipped
And the youngest of the family is moving with authority.
Building castles by the sea, he dares the tardy tide to wash them all aside.
The cattle quietly grazing
the wind, where eagles cross the sky
Today my mortal blood will mix with sand it was
Foretold I will die by my hand
Into Hades my soul descends

shall fall as Abel fell to Cain
By fire, by storm, by hail & by rain
The Sacred triad, the three that are one
Shall serve the word, thy will shall be
the Iceni:]

In the aftermath of our defeat at Mandeussedum, I was captured by Romans with
a veiled intent... (though three of them died at my hands in
for whom the taste of fear was bland compared to the sharp tang of rage which sat bitter upon their noble tongues...   

the Bay of
Biscay on the morrow. I was not always called by this name, you know... To
you, I am Caleb Blackthorne, battle-scarred master of an English
heart by three simple vision

[The Visions:]

The first was a planet engulfed by the sea
No dry land in sight, not a mountain or tree
No rock jutted out