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Don't care if they don't believe
I got God favouring me
That's all I need

Don't focus on others I keep to my own
Been loving the life that I'm living
a decision
I know the odds aren't favouring me
That in prodigy 
All you haters think you know me
But you don't 
Hating in the dm's
Don't like those
You think
Don't you call me calm
And don't call me patient now
Because I think about you all the time

Favouring what I ought to
To get it right
Thinking of my
to hell
For favouring one
And not being fair to all 5
What's freedom to you?
If your body's a prison
And you don't know who'll put you on trial
The odds are stacked against me, life must be a joker
Favouring people though they don't seem to be better
I'm at the bottom wondering how I'll ever
And meanwhile the academics are clamouring
Undecided on which ego they  should be favouring
They forget which one is which
Amongst their drowning in
we correctly link
Nevermind, that’s what you always say
Try to stay in denial, ain’t favouring any time
Trying to ignore the facts right in front
need you to wait
Everything you want, it could take some time
It starts to sound the same
Under pressure we contrived
Favouring lies to pretend we are
I know the odds aren't favouring me
And I ain't no prodigy
But I'll shine up you'll see
Yeah I'll shine up you'll see
And I know the odds aren't
confessions as you flip the lid
favouring the trip
over slip and dip
pressing harder on the easel
as i break the led
sharper when i need it
itching when I'm
and dash, copping hash, lame 

Fate came in and played its cards 
Savouring the scuffle marks 
No favours, favouring the best of us 
No flavor, slated for
America gotta run the world again
Then you can tell me what's it done by favouring
Judicial system that ignores the state it's in, what makes it worth this
her the D like it's catering
Be the only one she favouring
I'm knocking no one wanna let me in
Somehow they all became lesbians

Ngizo phusha ngize
It's another form of poverty when one shuns their culture favouring other cultures. There is always some good in each culture, even your own.
to hell
For favouring one
And not being fair to all 5

What's freedom to you
If your body's a prison
And you don't know who'll put you on trial

inner circle got a deadly reputation
They been eating off my plate
So where they shit they catch a favouring
Trigger nation like a cable man
But my
you'll be relishing and favouring in time

And it's all I could do, if you need to
When I fall to rescue, if you need to...
Your heartbeat tells a different tale
Tell me, do you love me so?

Come close to me, I believe I can give
You what you need but you see, it

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