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I will seek my vengeance for my son
I swear I'll avenge my first born one

I ride fast through the woods
My friends are by my side
Dark hatred
do is to be with my favorite things

My favorite songs My favorite TV shows are never ending
My favorite books My favorite radio shows will never
And its my favorite song
Its so good to sing along
It feel so right it cant be wrong 

I just want a good time oh-wow
I don't wanna fuss and fight, no
the boy who makes his bed in cold earth and quicklime 

So stay the hands, arrest the time 
Till I am captured by your touch 
Blessings I
All the one mind

Floored by design
Speak as you find
Speaking as you find
Staggering blind
As you chase time
Waste time

Blank expression, blank
not your favorite waste of time
And never what you had in mind
Gonna have to move on
Or else your life will be gone

Don't set your level too high
of that homecoming glory it's my favorite story by far

How wonderful you are to me (How wonderful you are to me)
How wonderful that day will be (How
and time
Never a waste of life
Every hour will be spent
Filling a quota, just getting alonghandcuffs hurt worse
When you've done nothing wrong

and time
Never a waste of life

Every hour will be spent
Filling a quota, just getting alonghandcuffs hurt worse
When you've done nothing wrong

No thanks
We've got the time. I hope you don't object if I
Speak my mind

Don't forget the purpose of the mission,
Or Nomis will be swallowed by its sun.
world is built around Him He's the life in my lines
I refused to waste my life
He's too true to chase that ice
Here's my gifts and time 'cause I'm
Written by George Jones and Jack Ripley

Just a few of my favorite lies . . .

Lately I don't even miss her
Yes it's true, out of sight and out
time just runnin? around
A buyin? disco shoes
And don?t worry about the bad time
?Cause it?s all the same
Put your blue jeans on, 
Grab your favorite
Baby there's a time for rain
And the blue skies that will come
There's a time for us
To be kissed on by the sun
There's a time for leaves to turn
you will right it
Do not waste these hours away
How many times have I told you
These are the tears I've shed
Could it be that I need help
Is it maybe
he hide away from hopes
Behind a smile and smoking dope
It's crazy

It seems so frightening
Time passes by like lightning
Before you know it you're
Don't waste the time I have
For making up the time you waste

Not much is being said by anybody in the world
About the things we get a hold of that
place and time
You will be mine
We'll be so happy
In New York City

I won't step back while you make up your mind
I'll be far gone - enjoy your waste
and entertain you well
Before I let go I'ma spark your brain cells
I took time to write - tonight I will recite
So poetically inclined when the mic is held
hope you understand it 
I made it up myself and I planned it 

For other MC's who waste time 
Writing jokes, riddles, and maybe a rhyme 
I cross my
Blistered by a raging sun's flames 
Mankind sealed its fate in its haste 
Warning signs sent time after time 
We just sit back in all this waste
When he looks down on us
I wonder what he sees
Do you think
He'd think the things we do
Are a waste of time
Maybe he'd think
We are getting on just
to keep.
Record player made of tubes,
Spinning Tommy by The Who.

There's no time to waste.
There's no time to wait.

Keys on the hook by
Times Passing By, Just Another Day
Filled With promises Of A Better World
Which Seems So Far Away

In A World Of Darkness
In This Place Of Pain
rubbage will dispel
When our lives, by our own hands, we'll dutifully end

In vaporous rooms, veins swell to burst
Anesthesia is applied
Scalpels lick

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